Imsa Kit Jacks Up Murcielago


German tuner IMSA has released a more powerful and more aggressive looking Murcielago Spyder, boosting the convertible 6.2-liter Murci by 68 horsepower for a whopping total of 708 horsepower.  As a result, the flashier, faster, snorting Spyder sprints from 0 to 62 in 3.3 seconds (versus 3.4 stock), and increases its top speed by 6 mph to more than 217 mph total. It’s a wrecking ball. According to WorldCarFans, while the tuner is keeping its engine improvements hush hush, IMSA has definitely added a GTR Widebody Kit, including a “front apron, front lip, broadened wings, side skirts, carbon fiber diffuser, rear spoiler, attachments improving the cooling air supply, ventilation louvres, IMSA Ultimo Wheels with genuine central locking system, and, last but certainly not least, the sports exhaust system available in various tailpipe configurations.” A unique flap sports exhaust system, remotely controlled from the passenger compartment, adjusts the sound range from “city limit” cruising to “racetrack” open the bad boy up levels. The car’s scissor-doored interior also looks to have received colored carbon fiber accents among other finishing touches, including leather accoutrements, multimedia solutions, and an assortment of steering wheels-for a nice little revamp. All in all, the attention demanding IMSA package gives the v-12 Murci a more aggressive look to go along with those extra horses. This is the second tuned Lambo to make its way out of the IMSA shop this year, as IMSA was able to squeeze a few more ponies out of a Gallardo LP560-4 a while back.

Via World Car Fans