The Doctor Is In : Dr. Horst

Every edition, Haute Living showcases the A-listers of the medical world. This month, Dr. Horst enlightens us on the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Nadja Horst


 Lumineers require minimal prep time and do not require any cutting of the natural teeth.

Haute Living  What is your area of specialty, and what services do you offer?
Dr. Horst  Cosmetic Dentistry is my area of specialty, and we offer dental veneers, Invisalign (clear braces), teeth whitening, fillings, implants, and full mouth restoration.

HL What separates your practice from other cosmetic dentist practices?
DH Our high quality and also our attention to fine detail.

HL How long have you been specializing in Lumineers?
DH Since 2004.

HL What do you consider to be the greatest benefit of Lumineers?
DH Lumineers allow you to be able to change the size, shape, and color of your teeth, and to improve your smile instantly without pain, down time, and drilling.

HL How long does the process take-start to finish-to complete a smile makeover using Lumineers?
DH Just two visits in the office, and it takes one week’s time to fabricate them in the lab.

HL Are there any maintenance practices that you recommend?
DH Regular checkups and cleanings.

HL How often do you follow up with patients regarding their Lumineers?
DH At every checkup appointment, we do an exam just like we would with your natural teeth.

HL What is the average age demographic that requests this service?
DH We usually have people in their 30s and 40s ask about this service, but it is good for all ages.

HL Is there any special technology that you use during the process?
DH We use computerized imaging of your smile to show you how your teeth will look with the final product. We do this before any work is done.

HL What improvements have you witnessed in Lumineer technology?
DH Better adhesives and bonding materials, whiter shades of porcelain, and contact lens-thin veneers have all improved the technology.

HL What advantages do Lumineers provide as opposed to traditional veneers?
DH Lumineers require minimal prep time and do not require any cutting of the natural teeth.

HL How long will Lumineers last?
DH Around 20 years, depending on the patient’s care, routine dental exams, and cleanings.

HL What, if any, changes to you foresee for the future of cosmetic dentistry?
DH Faster fabrication of the veneers done in the office.