The Doctor Is In: Dr. David Frey

Every edition, Haute Living showcases the A-listers of the medical world. This month, Dr. David Frey shares his insights about full mouth revitalization, which helps his many patients stay haute.

Dr. David  S. Frey


 Most patients are completely unaware how powerful dentistry can be for the rest of the body.

HAUTE LIVING What is your area of focus?
DR. FREY My practice focuses on full mouth revitalization, which is a term I coined. It means to improve your bite and smile, and improve out-dated, old restorations patients may have had done. Full mouth revitalization looks at the entire mouth comprehensively rather than 28 separate teeth to work in a harmonious relationship in form and function.

HL What is you educational background?
DF I attended UCLA where I graduated with a B.A. in economics and received my doctorate degree from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. I also received an advanced degree for spending a year working in a foreign country with underprivileged children and adults.

HL How long have you been in practice?
DF I am proud to attend my 20 year dental reunion this coming February.

HL What is unique about full mouth revitalization?
DF It is all encompassing and the results far exceed traditional dentistry. It addresses the bite, enhances the smile, and that preserves the restorations of the teeth. When a functional bite is perfect and the muscles of the jaw are in their most relaxed position, patients exhibit a more beautiful look that can translate into better posture, balance, flexibility, and strength. Many patients also report alleviation of headaches, back pain, neck and shoulder strain, and many other ailments seem to mysteriously disappear when patients are aligned with a perfect bite.

HL How do you use Leonardo da Vinci’s “golden ratio” in creating correctly aligned bites?
DF There are many areas of the mouth that follow the golden proportion that will make people appear more beautiful. The golden proportion rule was actually invented by the Greeks and measures the definition of beauty. It answers the question “Why do things in this world look beautiful?” The Greeks discovered that a ratio of 1.0 to 1.618 exists all over nature: in plants, animals, flowers, and people. The more you are in this proportion, the more beautiful you look. The smile and bite like to be in golden proportion. When the muscles of the jaw are in their most relaxed position a person’s bite becomes miraculously aligned in the golden proportion.

HL How do you help people acquire the perfect bite?
DF In two ways; one is by utilizing the mathematical equation of the “golden bite.” The second way is to use very sophisticated medical instrumentation to help us find where the muscles of the jaw are in their most relaxed physiological position.

HL What are the benefits of having a perfect bite?
DF People can improve many things about their body, including posture, increase in strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. The reason for this is that when the muscle of the head and neck are in their most relaxed position, the excess energy it took the body to maintain this area is displaced to the arms and legs. It also allows for the central nervous system to relax which allows for better flexibility and balance.

HL When people come to you for full mouth revitalization, are they generally aware of the benefits?
DF No. Most patients are completely unaware how powerful dentistry can be for the rest of the body. Many patients seek our services to improve their teeth and smiles, and realize during our consultation that headaches, neck pain, and posture may be improved by enhancing the bite.

HL What is the average age demographic of your clientele?
DF We treat patients ranging from all ages. Most of our patients are baby boomers who want to feel better and stay looking younger.

HL How long does it take for a full mouth revitalization to be actualized?
DF The process takes two major visits to accomplish. Many out of town guests from all over the world have no problem completing this procedure.

HL How long has full mouth revitalization utilizing neuromuscular dentistry to attain the perfect bite been practiced?
Df Neuromuscular dentistry has been in existence for more than 40 years. It is a deeply scientifically technical practice, and there are more than 300 scientific journals that support its complexities.

HL How many revitalizations have you performed in your career?
DF In the thousands. I have placed well over 10,000 porcelain restorations. Patients report that it is the single best investment they have ever made.

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