Jet of the Week: 2003 Gulfstream II Private Jet


Private jet travel is no longer for the corporate elite only. In fact, increasing frustrations with commercial air travel with delays, security hassles, and declining accommodations has resulted in a shift to luxury. In the 2003 Gulfstream II Private Jet, luxury travel is a given. Soaring in style at 45,000 feet, two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines melodiously propel you to your destination at a cruising speed of 530 mph. And with a range of over 4000 miles, cross country travel and overseas travel is easily within reach. Whether you are on an exotic vacation or a routine executive trip, luxury jets reward you with convenience and elegance.

The G2’s interior also engulfs you in luxurious comfort. Spacious seating stitched in premium leather tailor to your physical needs while still allowing 13 passengers to travel in style. With a height of over 6 feet and width of over 7 feet, you won’t need to worry about adequate legroom. Designed for relaxation and pleasure, the G2 will surprise the most experienced traveler. So relax, stretch out and enjoy the ride. Make your next trip luxurious with a Gulfstream II luxury jet. Given the G2’s seductive features, chances are your destination will arrive sooner than you would like.

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