Jet of the Week: 2003 Cessna Citation Bravo


Known for its elite status among business class aircraft, the 2003 Cessna Citation Bravo provides the triple crown of luxury interior, fast speed and long range upon which executive travelers measure performance. Owing its heritage to Clyde Cessna, a Kansas farmer who first built and flew a plane from the Mississippi River to the Rockies in 1911, the Citation Bravo has the classic Cessna profile with tapered wings attached to the lower fuselage and twin engines mounted near its rear. Its featherweight class along with its two PW530A turbo-fan powered engines enables not only a speed of 430 mph but a range up to 1856 miles making it ideal for cross-country travel. The Bravo’s features also make it one of the most fuel efficient business jets around.

Inside the Bravo, conducting business is clearly the focus of attention. Pedestal-mounted swivel seats encased in premium leather provide luxurious comfort, and the attention to soundproofing provides the perfect forum for private discussions. With the ability to transport 7 passengers in elegant style, the Citation Bravo has earned its place among the nine premier business jets offered by Cessna. And since only 337 Bravos were ever produced, gaining the opportunity to indulge in a Bravo’s luxury and performance is something not to be taken lightly. If business travel calls for efficient elegance and style, then look no further than the Citation Bravo. Cessna’s reputation of satisfying elite business travelers remains secure in this formidable luxury jet.

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