Green Caviar Dreams: Sterling Caviar


 Sterling is also the only caviar producer to age its products for 90 days before releasing it to the market.

The old cliché of Champagne wishes and caviar dreams have long been an institution of any haute soirée. But what happens when the inevitable law of supply and demand triggers the depletion of caviar on the party circuit? Those versed in the ongoing battle between Mother Nature and all that is non-renewable and in high demand have taken a step in a much greener direction, to guarantee that these delectable delights will be around for years to come.

For centuries, these much-coveted hors d’oeuvres were derived from sturgeon roe fished from the Caspian Sea. The singular location was key to its exclusivity and high prices. What proved problematic was the unavoidable decline in sturgeon population. As a result, in 2005, the CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species), an international group with representation of almost all major countries, prohibited the export of certain types of Russian caviar from the Caspian Sea to protect the endangered sturgeon. Thankfully, caviar aficionados were not deterred, and a much more sustainable way of raising the fish was established.

Sterling Caviar is the nation’s premier caviar aquaculture operation, providing accessible caviar to the masses. Skeptical consumers can rest assured, as the farm-raised variety remains just as delectable as its wild-harvested counterpart. This innovative way of producing commercial caviar has captivated both consumers and professionals alike. Many of the most noted culinary experts are praising Sterling’s fresh ocean character and, most importantly, the sustainable way it is produced.

Harvesting sturgeon from the wild has been environmentally detrimental, a problem Sterling has taken upon itself to tackle. This new method of raising sturgeon is conducted under exacting, controlled conditions. The entire process is carefully regulated in accordance with FDA requirements and ensures that the products remain environmentally sustainable. Sterling has also gone a step further by creating a sophisticated genetics program that guarantees no other broodstock will be taken from the wild to continue production.

The entire process is lengthy and meticulously monitored from start to finish. The fish are raised from eight to 10 years before they can even be considered for roe harvest. Their diet is specially formulated, and a team of biologists supervises the growth to ensure the utmost in quality. Sterling is also the only caviar producer to age its products for 90 days before releasing it to the market. This way, the roe achieves the unmatched caviar flavor and remains at its freshest.

Connoisseurs will have to update their caviar vocabulary, as it is no longer simply about Beluga, Osetra, and Sevruga, but rather the Imperial, Royal, and Classic of the farm-raised varieties. Comparable in quality but exceeding in sustainability, aquacultured caviar is the new wave in luxury.