Cool Coastal Living in Costa Rica

By Virginia Gil

Isla Moin offers yet another reason to head to Costa Rica.


 Although nestled amid an urbanized complex, Isla Moin still reflects the essence of Costa Rican travel.

Seasoned travelers in search of lush paradise are flocking south to indulge in Costa Rica’s remarkable landscape. Costa Rica has everything to offer the wealthy voyager in what is quickly becoming South America’s answer to the luxe Caribbean lifestyle. Popular for its picturesque sites, besides being the go-to location for outdoor adventures, the rich coast is quickly becoming richer. Among the many resorts already lining up the coasts of this beautiful country is newly-opened Isla Moin-the all-in-one resort, marina, and residential community.

Set against Costa Rica’s undeveloped Atlantic coast, Isla Moin is determined to stand out above the rest. As one of the first developments to brave the uncharted Caribbean side, Isla Moin promises to continue Costa Rica’s tradition as one of the most sought after destinations in the world. What is most appealing about this new, luxurious project is the enticing price tag. While most of us know to strike while the iron is hot, not all of us are real estate savvy. Thus, Isla Moin is pleased to announce that consumers can expect the price of their development to be a fraction of the recently inflated prices of Costa Rican real estate. At Isla Moin, lavish and affordable are no longer mutually exclusive.

This comprehensive compound looks to be ambitious in size and amenities. Guests can expect an expansive marina, which will soon become the largest marina in all of Costa Rica. There will be no shortage of available space in these marinas, outfitted for the grandest yachts in the world. Boaters and residents will rejoice in all that its accompanying Marina Village has to offer as well. Alongside the village, there will be numerous restaurants, bars, boutiques, and gourmet markets, just to name a few of the opulent offerings.

Although nestled amid an urbanized complex, Isla Moin still reflects the essence of Costa Rican travel. Guests looking for an ecological adventure will still be able to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Outdoor activities will include canopy tours over the rainforest, fishing, scuba diving, hiking, and, of course, the area’s notorious surfing. Unspoiled by man and preserved by Mother Nature, Isla Moin sits in a hurricane-free zone, allowing visitors to partake in the outdoors year-round.

Those looking for a more permanent escape are welcome to explore Isla Moin’s residential community. Carefully designed by renowned architects Aramis Alvarez and Hilario F. Candela (of Miami’s opulent shopping enclave Village of Merrick Park fame), the property will reflect the resort’s grandeur. The residential compound will consist of resort condominiums, ranging from one to four bedrooms, spacious waterfront villas, and waterfront estates-the ultimate in paradise living, providing private docks and unrestricted water views. As always in Costa Rica, nature comes first, which means buildings will remain below four stories to preserve the region’s natural integrity.

Already a prime destination for nature-lovers, Costa Rica’s Isla Moin is destined to become a favorite posh getaway for many.  And as the locals would say, Costa Rican living is pura vida.