The New Standard

Aero Toy Store, the leading aviation brand, expands its sales operations while adding yachts to their rapidly growing list of offerings.

By Alyssa Shapiro


The world’s most distinctive aviation brand emerges anew this summer, after vast springtime growth and development. Previously, Aero Toy Store ran its sales and operations out of many locations that included: McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport in Florida, and Pierre-Elliot Airport in Montreal, Canada. A new office in Beverly Hills and gargantuan expansions in the Montreal fixed-based operation add even more prestige to the already highly respected aviation authority. Aero Toy Store holds true to its philosophy of always providing only the best, and each venture and expansion of Aero Toy Store assures the same high level of quality that customers around the world have come to know.

In May of this year, Aero Toy Store expanded its Montreal location with a 30,000-square-foot aircraft hangar and a 15,000-square-foot completion center, after Founder and CEO Morris Shirazi noticed a strong demand for Aero Toy Store’s aircraft in the nearby markets. The additions include 200,000 square feet of ramp space, plus a 41,000-square-foot showroom, hangar, and offices. The Montreal FBO now offers many services, including completions and refurbishment of aircraft interiors.

Rolf Smith heads up the brand new Beverly Hills sales office, relying on many years of aviation success that will serve him well. He brings the kind of aviation knowledge one can only accumulate from 15 years of sales achievement in the industry. Rolf’s extensive comprehension is due in part to an amassed knowledge passed on from Allen Paulson of Gulfstream.

Already a prominent leader in aviation, Aero Toy Store is now making itself known on the high seas as it makes its way up the ranks of sources of lavish ocean travel. Aero Toy Store now proudly proclaims itself as one of the few companies to purchase and sell exceptional luxury yachts, and Shirazi is confident that Aero Toy Store will do for water travel what is has already done for luxury aviation. Just as with its vast selection of aircraft, Aero Toy Store has already begun to refurbish its new range of sea-born selections.

Since early July, Aero Toy Store clients have been able to go to sea in Monte Carlo on either a 147-foot Sterling Yacht or an 88-foot Pershing Yacht, both available for sale. The recently retrofitted vessels are berthed until September, but will serve as adjunct to Aero’s European offices.

Shirazi promises the same standard of luxury in the yachts he sells as he has for the aircraft that bear his company’s brand. The level of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and overall retrofitting of each yacht, helicopter, or plane typically make the pre-owned watercraft and aircraft surpass the quality level of any new craft. The company is in a venerable business relationship with AgustaWestland, the finest in helicopter manufacturing. As a result, Aero Toy Store has one of the largest inventories of Agusta rotary aircraft.

Aero Toy Store is also the factory authorized representative of Aerion Corporation for the sale of its Supersonic Business Jet, of which 14 new crafts are under agreement to be sold, to be presented to Aero Toy Store customers. The Supersonic Business Jet reaches speeds of up to Mach 1.6, making it capable of cutting the typical 12-hour flight from New York to Dubai down to nine and a half hours, and making a four-hour flight from Paris to New York possible. With travel time so greatly reduced, clients will notice an overall increase in business efficiency, something Aero Toy Store believes will become the new standard for business travel.