Sounds Like a Ferrari: Meridian and Ferrari’s Meridian F80

Highly acclaimed Meridian and Ferrari create a trendsetting partnership with the Meridian F80.

By Felicity Sargent


Don’t let this unassuming compact electronic device deceive you. The Meridian F80 sound system is capable of instantaneously filling a room or outdoor space with the highest caliber of sound quality. Ferrari and Meridian share cohorts that have supported both businesses’ technological endeavors, and this latest device was created with the customer’s needs in mind. The Meridian F80’s exterior is made of the same materials as the Ferrari Formula 1 racing cars, resulting in unmatched sound quality due to the dense and rigid shell.

The physical design depicts qualities that mimic what everyone relishes: uniqueness, lucidity, and boldness. It is this synchronization of style, quality, and technology that has established both brands as eminent fixtures in the luxury market, and the F80 will only reinforce this. The blend of these two elite companies has already started a trend in co-branded products in the compact home entertainment genre.

Choose from any of the traditional Ferrari colors: Rosa Corsa (dark red), Modena Giallo (yellow), Argento Nurburgving (bright silver), Black, or Bianco Avus (off-white). In addition to unsurpassable listening quality, the system can play numerous files, optimizing one’s personal music library. The F80 can play CDs, MP3s, DAB, AM and FM radio, and can be connected to any PC, while the alarm feature can be set to any of the above. Additionally, if hooked up to a monitor or any viewing screen, the F80 can play DVDs with optimum visual and sound quality. All of these features are conveniently activated by the IR remote control. The system, priced at $3,400, also includes an iPod dock.

What makes this new co-brand unique is not only all of the listening options, but the way the unique features and amenities are delivered. The active equalization ensures that the F80 sounds its best at any position in any room, while the unique digital active loudspeaker technology and dynamic integrity ensure that every volume level will play with equal clarity and zero resonation, creating the purest sounding music possible.