See the Light with White Light Skincare

White Light Skincare provides an oasis of youth for the sophisticated denizens of SoFi.

By Elizabeth Joyce
Photography by Craig Denis


 If you seek pure pampering, White Light’s unique manicures and pedicures are just the ticket. Featuring a luxurious ingredient of the week, tired hands are revived with the application of thoughtfully combined ingredients.

Inevitably, life takes its toll, and evidence of this often surfaces on the skin in the form of spots or lines. Erasing that evidence is the business of White Light Skin Care. The crisp, sleek, and futuristic facility opened its doors in February 2008 with one mission: turning back the clock. The simple, chic décor of the clinic welcomes clients, urging them to enter and leave their stress and worries at the door.

In the heart of SoFi (South of Fifth), a South Beach district recognized for the premium it puts on ageless beauty, Eduardo Ayub delivers results that translate to healthy skin that is seemingly resistant to life’s stresses. As an aesthetician par excellence and renowned medical electrologist, Ayub has assembled a vigorous battery of exciting treatments that covers a broad range of requests at his deluxe location.

At the state-of-the-art facility, myriad technologies band together against a common enemy: imperfection. Lasers and pulsating lights, for which the clinic is famous, are just one aspect of the story. A remarkable feat of modern technology, the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, is a noteworthy feature.

Everyone from super athletes to common men can benefit from stepping into this special chamber. As if stepping onto another planet, patients readapt to a completely different atmosphere-one that is more pressurized to allow an increased absorption of oxygen. Enveloped in this tanning bed-shaped cylinder, tissues are reinvigorated deeply as pure oxygen is able to penetrate the body and relieve tired muscles.

Ayub counts an Iron Man competitor among his satisfied clientele, who shaved minutes off his time with the help of regular sessions in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. This painless and refreshing experience has been accepted by modern medicine for more than 40 years and currently costs $120 per hour.

To make your hyperbaric adventure portable, White Light offers clients Oxia, the first personal oxygen dispenser. Though it is less than eight inches tall, the portable container holds six gallons of pressurized oxygen, the equivalent of 40 to 70 deep breaths.

For more soothing relief, select one of White Light’s 10 different massage treatments. Professionals will guide you through classic treatments, like the Swedish massage or the Deep Tissue massage, or more the exotic Shiatsu stretching and pressure treatments and acupuncture. Cranial Sacral therapy targets the nervous system to ease mental worry, calm migraines, and release the kind of teeth-clenching stress with which anyone who has ever been stuck in Miami traffic is well-acquainted.

Hot Stone massages are also on the menu, as are Lymphatic Drainage to boost metabolism and activate the immune system, and Endermologie to fight the appearance of cellulite. For the best in facial skincare, White Light offers the IntraCeutical Oxygen Facial, which brings the healing power of oxygen deep into the skin, regenerating cells and imporoving the production of elasticity and collagen.

If you seek pure pampering, White Light’s unique manicures and pedicures are just the ticket. Featuring a luxurious ingredient of the week, tired hands are revived with the application of thoughtfully combined ingredients. CranMary, a blend of rosemary and cranberry, does more than provide scent; each ingredient is a powerful antioxidant. Brown sugar and mint leaves give the Mojito manicure its name, leaving clients with silky smooth hands and feet.

In addition, White Light earns the first part of its name with a powerful teeth-whitening procedure. The clinic promises it is the quickest and safest of such treatments that one can get outside of a dentist’s office. Come in for a quick 15 or 30-minute session ($150-$300), and take White Ice toothpaste with you when you leave to extend the brilliance of your smile.

All of these treatments revolve around White Light’s specialty and namesake. The arsenal of high-tech lasers does most of the heavy lifting. From intense pulse to infrared, White Light offers them all, and can even combat any brow furrowing that might result from having so many options from which to choose.

White Light Skincare
110 Washington Ave., #CU7
Miami Beach, FL 33139