Koji Collection


Miami-based furniture company Koji Collection combines modern, sleek furniture design with environmentally friendly tactics to construct their high-end furniture. Koji uses natural, easily renewable materials that instill in their customers an awareness of going green. Koji is proud to provide pieces that are a perfect balance between treasured furniture and environmentally consciousness business practices; they are pushing organic design, such as using vines in their furniture construction. The forest floor is clogged with vines that make it impossible for new tree saplings to grow. Using their extended knowledge of the forest and environment, Koji utilizes these vines to create beautiful furniture by taking advantage of their rich colors and earthly textures.

Their Deco Drive collection features a bountiful selection of chairs, adding that perfect earth tone to your home or office. Their Clover Leaf easy chair is comprised principally from three materials: the Liana Vine, the Rattan Vine, and wood. Their Birdy-A easy chair is constructed from the same three materials, adding that funky yet earthy look to your room. The Puppy is an ultra-comfy, suave arm chair made from vine and cotton. Perhaps the most unique piece in the collection is the Ring Canopy A. Made from vines, wood, and canvas cushion, this circular-shaped design includes a bright orange cushion and pillows, perfect for lounging.

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