Hacienda Pinilla: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Amid the lush forests of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, lie the most beautiful resort and real estate in the province.

By Cristina Ordoqui


 Guests at the Hacienda Pinilla have various lodging options, including hotel suites and rented or purchased homes.

With five percent of the world’s biodiversity within its borders, Costa Rica is home to some of the most beautiful flora and fauna. And with an exchange rate of 518 colóns to every U.S. dollar, it is no wonder the country has quickly become one of the hottest vacation destinations. With a $1.9 billion-per-year tourism industry, hoteliers the world over are clamoring to design resorts and residential communities for the growing numbers of vacationers that flock to this scenic country every year.

One resort exemplifies the best of Costa Rica in terms of natural resources and manmade artistry: Hacienda Pinilla Beach Resort and Residential Community. Built in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Hacienda Pinilla is situated in one of the warmest and most sparsely populated provinces of the country, ensuring a sunny and tranquil escape. Each day, guests awaken to the cheerful and harmonious sounds of the area’s local birds and monkeys. The friendly wildlife that inhabits some of the most beautiful gardens imaginable provides a contrast to the ultra-luxurious and modern design of the hotel itself. The Hacienda Pinilla aims to provide guests with a veritable tropical home away from home.

Guests at the Hacienda Pinilla have various lodging options, including hotel suites and rented or purchased homes. However, the pride of Hacienda Pinilla rests within its villas at the Jardines de Palma Real, Lagos de Palma Real, and the new villas at Los Malinches, which are set to open in August, available to rent or purchase.

The villas at the Jardines de Palma Real, which translates to the Gardens of Royal Palm, are located beachfront along the Mansita and Bonita beaches. Nearby, a world-class golf course, equestrian center, and tennis courts provide guests with a variety of entertainment options including the Fiestas Sabaneras, or the country festival. Guests can rent or purchase a two- or three-bedroom villa, which includes access to many amenities such as a fitness room, swimming pool, and barbecue area.

The villas within the Lagos de Palma Real (Lakes of Royal Palm) consist of 3,452- and 3,982-square-foot Spanish colonial-style spaces with modern interiors (as are the Jardines de Palma Real), and while most of these villas don’t offer ocean views, they are located in close proximity to Bonita beach as well as the resort’s additional entertainment options, and include the same amenities as the Jardines de Palma Real.

The newest additions to Hacienda Pinilla are the villas of Los Malinches (Royal Poinciana) located in an area known as Rodera Este alongside the beaches and golf course. The villas rest within 56 acres of Guanacaste’s dry forest and surround a central garden and pool. Prestigious architect Ronald Zürcher, who designed the Four Seasons Hotel in Costa Rica and the JW Marriott (also under construction at Hacienda Pinilla), is the mastermind behind Los Malinches. He states that the project aims to rescue the cultural traditions of the Guanacaste residential styles, not only by means of its architectural language, but also with the proposal of spaces that promote interaction between neighbors. According to Hacienda Pinilla Marketing Manager Carolina Ramírez, the villas at Los Malinches are perfect for those who demand quality, love nature, and are looking for peace, discretion, and comfort all in one place. She adds that the villas are “characterized by the exclusivity, security, and privacy that distinguish Hacienda Pinilla, which guarantees relaxation and comfort for all those interested.” The villas at Los Malinches range from $900,000 to $1,200,000 in price.

In addition to its villas, Hacienda Pinilla also offers beautiful homes for rent. Situated next to the 18th hole of the Hacienda Pinilla golf course is the appropriately named Casa Golf. It is a two-story residence with four suites to a floor-each with its own balcony. Like most of the other properties of Hacienda Pinilla, Casa Golf is built in the Spanish colonial style that is characteristic of this part of the country with a modern interior design that makes guests feel right at home.

Others such as Casa Jicaro, Casa Almendro, and Casa Vista Verde are also available for rent and can accommodate as many as 12 guests per home and include services like grocery shopping, car rental, maid service, and airport pickup. If guests would like to visit Hacienda Pinilla, but prefer more of a resort experience, La Posada Hotel at the Hacienda Pinilla is the answer. La Posada Hotel consists of 60 rooms, each with resort amenities as well as a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, volleyball courts, and mountain bikes.

The Hacienda Pinilla has cornered the market in Guanacaste. Not only does it provide premier resort hospitality, but it also holds some of the most beautiful real estate in the province, making it an increasingly attractive option for someone looking for a very special home away from home.

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