Zafiro: A Luminous Home Away from Home on the Sea of Cortez


Clean modern lines and rare private beaches on the Sea of Cortez are just the beginning of what the villas have to offer.

By Felicity Sargent

Imagine. Turquoise waves crashing onto pristine beaches outlined with welcoming waving palm trees; terraces with winding water paths offset from the pool, tempting the senses with balmy seawater that lies just ahead. Though this may sound like a dream, it isn’t. It’s the brilliant reality of what Zafiro Homes are: a sojourn from the ordinary to the extraordinary beaches of the hidden gem of East Cape. It is isolated just enough for serenity, yet within perfect proximity to not only experience, but to fully immerse oneself with the traditional hospitable culture of Mexico.

 Each home will sit on approximately one half acre, ensuring enough privacy to allow families to be fully encapsulated by the surrounding serene waters and flawless beaches.

Zafiro homes are not only unique for their surreal location, but also for their design that inventively blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Walls of glass, open courtyards, terraces, private pools and flowing interior space instantly create a tranquil atmosphere with views that encourage the imagination to explore beyond the comforts of shelter. While developing the structures, architects Robert Ciccozzi and Gustavo Gontovnikas used light and the surrounding atmosphere as their main sources for inspiration for the project.

As a result, the textures, structures, and clean lines all work in conjunction with the water reflecting light, thus defining these homes as genuine interactive works of art. Developer Ron Bauer explains, “Many resorts and developments try and portray lush vegetation, and the vibrant colors of traditional Mexican décor, but on the East Cape, the landscape is much more desert-like. What we’re trying to achieve is a unique geometric modern design that reflects the dryer color and textures of the surrounding area. With this in mind, our architects have been working to create homes that both reflect the landscape, and encourage what people come to Mexico to do: relax. Even the beaches here are different-they are long and flat and the waters more calm.”

With construction underway and high levels of interest, models of the Ventana Villas will be ready for viewing in early fall, with the Agua Villas ready in the spring of 2009. Both will be shown through the reputable affiliate of Christies Great Estates, Las Ventanas Real Estate. Though the Ventana floor plans have been meticulously arranged by architects to optimize views and create the ultimate tranquil atmosphere, there is room to customize the design of the additional villas under construction to accommodate specific family sizes and needs. These luxury beachfront villas start at $2.7 million, and the sea view villas which will be built at a later date, will start at just less than $1 million. “The homes are unique to the market. There is really nothing else out there for people that offers luxury living at the prices we are presenting,” says Bauer. Each home will sit on approximately one half acre, ensuring enough privacy to allow families to be fully encapsulated by the surrounding serene waters and flawless beaches.

The locale also entails rare ecosystems. Turtles lay their eggs in the deserted sandy beaches nearby, and from January through March, the massive gray whales give birth in the warm lagoons of the Sea of Cortez. Also nearby is what explorer Jacques Cousteau baptized Cabo Pulmo or “Aquarium of the World.” This is the sole living coral reef on the West Coast of North America, and it is open for exploration. The reef is alight with the brilliant colors of angel, parrot, and damselfish, all of which mingle amongst the great leatherback turtles and moray eels. With windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, and whale watching all readily available, enjoying the natural flora and fauna is almost certain.

When spending time ashore, playing at the numerous surrounding golf courses, especially the famed Jack Nicklaus’s Eldorado, is recommended, as it is often referred to as the “Pebble Beach of Baja.” Other land bound activities include horseback riding along the crystal coast, off-roading on the coastal terrain, or exploring the natural sites of Baja.

With the perfect synergy of landscape, design, and entertainment, these homes provide a rare opportunity to own a piece of tranquility that can be passed down from generation to generation, enabling every family member to truly understand the art of relaxation, and the luxury of what it means to Live Zafiro.