Setting Sail Over Panama City: The Trump Ocean Club


The Trump Ocean Club adds Panama City to its ever-growing list.

By Monique Stringfellow

The Donald’s first foray into the burgeoning Panama City real estate market is halfway to completion and almost sold-out. Call it the “Trump touch,” but almost every property he stamps his name on seems to have a way of proving itself as an exception to the market’s rules. Trump’s team, however, knows firsthand that his success has nothing to do with luck or fate; the properties continue to draw buyers because they deliver good, old-fashioned quality. The team of architects, planners, and builders took no shortcuts in bringing the project to life, and they have relied less on gimmicky marketing strategies than they have on the solidity of a superior product. With its sail-shaped structure, the Trump Ocean Club has the makings of a future iconic landmark and has already staked a claim in reshaping the Panama City skyline. But its draws are by no means limited to its surface.

 Trump has a certain je ne sais quoi that others don’t grasp when it comes to finding success. He refers to this elusive quality as “the Trump mystique.”

Where some development companies pay celebrities to announce that they “own” a residence in their building, Trump Ocean Club takes pride in the fact that they do not broadcast information about their buyers out of respect for their privacy. It is this fundamental faith in their product that defines Trump ventures. Because the quality is unimpeachable, the Trump Ocean Club never requires the use of marketing tricks to help sell units. Trump customers are savvy enough to see past slick marketing and recognize true luxury when they see it. Trump Ocean Club has steadily reached their sales goals for two years straight.

In addition to purchasers in the U.S., Trump Ocean Club has attracted buyers from Russia, Spain, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. The strong interest from the international market is sparked by Panama City’s steady growth into a global capital as well as an important city in Latin America. Despite the overall state of the U.S. economy, Trump Ocean Club sales within the United States have actually had a recent upturn as consumers gain confidence in the nearly complete project. The Trump Ocean Club is one of the only Panama City properties well into construction, a fact that assures prospective buyers that the building meets the regulations of Panama and has received the stamp of approval from the Trump Organization.

Jack Studnicky, vice president of sales for Trump Ocean Club, admits that Trump has a certain je ne sais quoi that others don’t grasp when it comes to finding success. He refers to this elusive quality as “the Trump mystique.”

Due to Trump’s affiliation with longstanding quality, the Trump Ocean Club is widely accepted as the most reliable, secure, and solid property in Panama. The Trump name has become the industry gold standard. It is also unique in the Panama City market because of its “live, work, shop, play” philosophy. In addition to Trump Ocean Club’s condominiums and condo-hotel units, there will be a full-service spa, an oversized infinity pool and deck, a Yacht Club & Pier, a private beach club, and an on-site casino that spans 45,000 feet and promises to bring the time-tested Trump brand of excitement to the property. Concierge service, valet parking, and bellmen will also be on hand full-time to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In terms of the “work” and “shop” aspects of the philosophy, the Trump Ocean Club will offer upscale shops with international brands, exclusive office loft spaces, an elite hotel sky lobby, and a business center.

The team behind the Trump Ocean Club has spent painstaking time and effort to address every possible necessity and luxury for potential buyers. From the looks of their steady rate of sales, they understand what people want. Perhaps that is ultimately the crux of the so-called “Trump mystique.”