Private Aviation: By Land or by Sea: Jacques Pierrejean


“That is the base of our work-always on the search to offer ultimate space and comfort, which means that we have to be aware of the latest innovations.”

Jacques Pierrejean has 28 years of experience in designing elite interiors under his belt, so it’s hardly a surprise that services from his self-titled design company are so highly sought-after. Just as a developer wouldn’t dream of building a project without the help of an architect or an interior designer, Pierrejean feels that personal crafts should be constructed with the same consideration. Paris-based Pierrejean Design Studio has specialized in luxury yacht interiors for almost three decades, more recently adding jet interiors to its repertoire by designing customized cabin concepts for prestigious airline companies such as Air France, Emirates, Etihad, Egyptair, Qatar Amiri Flight, Korean Air, and Air Mauritius. His company has also dreamt up interiors of private aircrafts for many heads of state, including former President of France and co-Prince of Andorra Jacques Chirac, H.H. King Juan Carlos of Spain, Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt H. Moubarak, and his Highness the Emir of Qatar.

Prior to opening his own design firm, Pierrejean spent a great deal of time working at Le Bourget Dassault analyzing the work construction, maintenance, and ergonomics of interior space. When Pierrejean opened Pierrejean Design Studio, there was a very small niche market in Europe for yacht and jet interior design. “Aircraft interior design was defined by engineers with only the idea to put passenger seats inside of aircraft and nothing more,” says Pierrejean. When he recognized the gap in the market, he concluded that this was his calling, and he began a business with a specialization in jet and yacht interior design.

“For me, it was the main reason to go further in this way and to create my own design studio, which is now highly specialized in this business and to offer to our clients the best on the market,” says Pierrejean. Although he initially worried about how he would find highly skilled outfitters, craftsmen, woodworkers, and upholsterers, Pierrejean’s company now consists of a dynamic team of extremely creative and skilled individuals. His design studio views each project as an exciting challenge, maintaining equal attention and focus whether they are dreaming up a concept for global officials or tackling a minute aesthetic detail. Pierrejean Design Studio’s main goal is to combine practical space with supreme comfort, offering the most creative and efficient solutions possible to enhance well-being on board.

The design studio’s core business focus is to create innovative cabin interior concepts for private jets, airline companies, and both external and internal definition for yachts. “We launched some new ideas on private jets,” explains Pierrejean, “and after that, we used this background for airlines and vice versa-interactivity between the two fields for upgraded interiors.”

During Pierrejean’s 12-year stint as an interior design consultant for Dassault, he designed interior concepts for Falcon 20s, 50s, 900s, and 2000s. Since then, Pierrejean has expanded to bigger aircrafts such as the Airbus ACJ, A330, A340, Boeing BBJ, and B787. “We can say that we’ve worked on everything that flies-from the smallest aircraft to the big A380, even helicopters. Our first A380 will fly next month under the flag of Emirates Airlines.” The company designs between six and eight aircrafts each year, which allows them to maintain a high level of creativity. “At the same time, we also create new seat programs, fabric collections, and lighting concepts, working together with manufacturers to propose new alternatives and [introduce] new products on the market,” he says.

The bespoke design of an Airbus A319 is Pierrejean’s latest aviation project. The concept of this particular aircraft is a “flying apartment,” he explains. “It is not only for heads of state, but also for VIPs traveling with their family…. There is an open entrance linked to a kitchen, a crew rest area, a big lounge with individual seats all equipped with massage functions, a dining table that converts into a conference room, an office which can also be used as an additional bedroom, a real bedroom with two beds convertible to a queen-sized bed, and then a washroom with a shower to be fresh upon arrival.” The design concept for this particular Airbus A319 requires around three months to construct, and the team requires roughly between 14 and 18 months from initial order to delivery of the aircraft.

Due to the time and attention to detail that goes into each and every aircraft, the base price of an Airbus A319 aircraft starts at approximately $40 million, with an additional $30 million to construct the aforementioned interior, although each interior is priced on a case by case basis. “We have to consider specific requests from our clients, which makes each project so unique and personal,” says Pierrejean. “We also have to make sure that we fit the aeronautic regulations, which may be quite challenging sometimes. That is the base of our work-always on the search to offer ultimate space and comfort, which means that we have to be aware of the latest innovations.”

“Passion and synergy are definitely the keywords in this type of business as well as a taste for contact, quick understanding of the client’s wishes, curiosity concerning different cultures, and a sense of colors, textures, and contrasts,” he concludes. These elements, along with Pierrejean’s strong affinity for all things design, are a few of the many reasons that his firm has achieved such a high level of success and will continue to attract high-profile individuals for custom interiors.