Bentley Rolls out its Newest Model


 Drivers have an MP3 player their disposal as well as Bluetooth capabilities, a driver information panel, a trip computer, and a mounted navigation system.

In a society that continues to seek out fuel-efficient and affordable vehicles, it seems that less attention is paid to more luxurious aspects, like buttery soft leather interiors and glossy wood dashboards. Bentley understands that there is a niche in the marketplace for exquisitely manufactured cars that embody qualities of lavishness and magnificence in both performance and appearance. Bentley introduces its latest model, the Brooklands, which will once again reassure customers and car industry insiders of the level of prestige that is synonymous with the Bentley brand.

Bentley’s latest model is both sleek and radiant-the classic coupe. Reaching top speeds of 184 miles per hour, this two-door beauty can go from zero to 60 in five seconds flat. The six-speed automatic gearbox allows for grace and ease on the road. The Brooklands comfortably seats four, giving this model an edge over most coupes.

In an effort to preserve the model’s distinction, Bentley will only produce 550 Brooklands, rendering the car an instant classic. The inspiration for this new design is 1920s glamour and a celebration of the joie de vivre of that era. To make the cars even more unique, customers are offered a wide range of options for customization. From storm gray to silver tempest, customers can utilize Bentley’s color-matching service to help with the decision making process. In addition to choosing the color of the exterior, customers may opt for one of 27 leather options, including anthracite gray and newmarket tan. Naturally, the leather itself undergoes rigorous inspections to guarantee that it is of the highest standards.

Like any Bentley, the Brooklands’ design exhibits flawless craftsmanship. The interior features, such as the aluminum foot pedaling, coincide with the leather that upholsters the entire interior. The Brooklands exhibits all the elegant elements one would expect from the Bentley brand without forsaking any modern conveniences. Drivers have an MP3 player their disposal as well as Bluetooth capabilities, a driver information panel, a trip computer, and a mounted navigation system. Given its elegant and eye-catching design, the Brooklands is surprisingly practical and drives with such ease that a trip to the local market doesn’t seem out of the question as it might with other sports cars of a similar caliber.

The Brooklands includes 20-inch rims and a menacing dark-painted steel matrix grille, exterior details that represent the machine’s interior capabilities. The Brooklands houses a 6.8 liter, twin-turbocharged V8 engine with 530 horsepower; drivers can expect the most powerful Crewe-built V8 engine ever produced.

For car enthusiasts whose interest is piqued by the promise of unprecedented engine capability and space in a coupe, the Bentley Brooklands, in addition to other Bentley models, is available for order at Braman Motors-Bentley Miami.