Not Another Hermès Knockoff


It seems theses days that everyone has a Kelly or a Birkin dangling from their bony little arm – from polished Victoria Beckham to the notoriously unkempt Olsen duo. But where, pray tell, can you score a stunning new bespoke alligator bag? From the Hermès-trained artisan, Beatrice Amblard, of course.

April in Paris is the name of the former Hermès apprentice’s new San Francisco-based handbag collection. Amblard spent 14 years working on the world-renowned “Kelly” bag before venturing out on her own.

Mixing striking solids, structured shapes, and luxurious skins (such as ostrich, lizard, and yes – stingray), April in Paris offers an array of handcrafted designs that are finished with Amblard’s signature 18-karat bee logo. Her unique creations of pink alligator and turquoise French calf start at $3,500-a steal, when you consider that Hermès Birkin bags start at $7,500 a piece.

And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you can ask Beatrice herself to tailor the bag of your dreams, finished with her trademark 200-year-old saddle stitch (and after all – she has learned from the best).