Former SNL star Chris Parnell leaves NYC for LA

Actor Chris Parnell, who left New York staple “Saturday Night Live” last year to focus on a Hollywood career, now has the real estate transactions to prove it.

Parnell sold his one-bedroom condo on 90 Prince Street in Soho for $1.8 million, and apparently has paid $620,000 for a two-bedroom, tri-level town house in Silver Lake. Formerly a not-ready-for-primetime player, Parnell’s move signifies that he’s always had style.

The New York unit, which Parnell purchased in 2004 for $1.25 million, features custom cabinetry, dark hardwood floors, one and a half baths, and sky-high 11-foot ceilings.  The Los Angeles unit, built in 2005, features bamboo floors, one and a half baths, and equally impressive ceiling heights. So, at least in that sense, Parnell will feel right at home in his new home. And, by getting the home for $25,000 less than the $645,000 list price, Parnell showed he’s a double threat when it comes to getting value, whether it be on his SoHo condo sale or his LA townhome purchase.

The real difference is in proximity to his new TV and film projects, which require Parnell to spend significantly more time in Los Angeles.

Of course, considering his new abode, Parnell might rather stay at home than take on new projects.

Via Celebrity Real Estate Home Blog Big Time Listings