Britney Spears house hunts in pink wig with big wig

There are three questions Britney Spears fans are asking after seeing the former poptart out on the town:

Why is she wearing a pink wig?
Who is that guy she’s with?
Where is she looking to move?

The answer to the first question we’ll probably never know, other than that Britney is probably still rocking a shaved head underneath. But the other two questions are very much related, and thanks to TMZ, we know how.

The man happens to be Malibu real estate agent Robert Edie, whose knowledge of the Los Angeles and Malibu markets should come in handy as Spears seeks out the perfect party pad. As a Southern Cal grad, Edie should know the perfect places.

Whether these two are in a relationship beyond business is beyond us, but the two were spotted eating dinner at the Four Seasons recently. And, besides, isn’t it about time Brit spends a little time with people who have a little, you know, ambition in their lives?