The Next Top Auto: DiMora Motorcar

In an age of conspicuous consumption, DiMora Motorcar has set out to build the world’s most acclaimed automobile, or a $2 million dollar proverbial “dream-car” set to have it all.

By Valentina Zuric


 “As our slogan states, ‘We build YOUR Future’, and I can’t say it any better than that.”

What would it take to build the ultimate luxury automobile after a Rolls-Royce Phantom becomes too passé and a Maybach too universal? Tomorrow’s most astute, well-heeled drivers will have to get their hands on the new $2 million, technologically-advanced automobile, one that’s putting Bugatti’s $1.7 million Veyron to shame.

Alfred DiMora, the founder of Starbridge Systems, Inc. (a very high-tech computer company), and the creator of the Clenet Sportster, one of the finest luxury automobiles ever produced, is back in the design studio to create the world’s first hand built luxury sports sedan: the Natalia SLS 2. Taking credit for being the world’s most luxurious and expensive automobile to date, the $2 million marvel will literally transform itself to accommodate the driver and passengers.

Luxury automobile makers are generally unlikely to publicize their upcoming designs. “There are spies out there chasing after early prototypes. Some people make a living at it,” says DiMora. “But I’m taking a different approach. I’m going to show everything about the car.” As part of the production of this unique automobile, DiMora Motorcar will employ a first-time-ever approach for the auto industry, allowing the world to watch as the Natalia evolves into the finest car ever assembled. Using the Internet, potential buyers will be able to view this automobile via webcam, while having the capability to comment on the Natalia’s discerning design. “Many of the best ideas are created by individuals in their garages,” says DiMora.

During the search for a top-notch facility to produce the Natalia, DiMora was led to Kanter Concepts, a New Jersey-based company famous for designing and engineering innovative concept vehicles. Kanter Concept Owner Fred Kanter and President Gene Langmesser spent numerous hours alongside DiMora developing the first exterior conceptual hand-renderings of Natalia’s body. Langmesser states, “Our facility is one of the few equipped for the challenges of prototyping this extraordinary automobile.” With the help of the digital designer, Terrance Robinson, two renderings of Natalia’s production have become the model for its embryonic design.

“As our slogan states, ‘We build YOUR Future’, and I can’t say it any better than that,” says Langmesser.
With a variable cylinder and an aluminum DiMora Volcano V16 engine with 1200 horsepower, the light-weight body and chassis of this automobile is ready for the most challenging driving conditions. The new Natalia will be able to sense the emotional state and the behavior of the driver at the wheel, and will adjust the interior temperature, music, lighting, and color of the car accordingly. “Many of our international customers also live in hot climates and they will appreciate this feature, not found on any other production automobile,” says DiMora.

This information is fed into the onboard computer, and relayed back to the driver. The car will be able to inform the driver how to break, and the accelerator pedal will respond to foot pressure and temperature alike. In addition, “Brembo [High Performance Division] engineers are working with DiMora Motorcar designers to develop breaking systems that will be capable of stopping an incredibly powerful vehicle,” says Wayne Rogers, director of high performance of Brembo North America. Natalia will even notify the driver if they are falling asleep at the wheel!

Beyond the advanced technology, DiMora’s distinctive-and thick-Natalia leather gives elegance and comfort a new name. “The natural beauty and softness of the full, top grain Dani Leather will complement Natalia’s English wool carpeting with lamb’s wool accents, lead crystal accessories, and Italian burl-wood features throughout the interior,” notes DiMora. “There will be a comprehensive feeling of elegance throughout, all part of the Natalia mystique.”
With space-age NASA foam technology for unparalleled interior comfort, the front passenger seat will be able to rotate 90 degrees and glide forward while transporting the passenger to a sidewalk or a wheelchair. Its 115v or 230v AC outlets ensure that no cigarette-lighter adaptors are needed. The back-seat passengers will also be able to use direct-sound technology, negating the need for headphones.

DiMora Motorcar is the first automobile to use such innovative technology, equipped with built-in patented technology safety lights that throw a gentle glow of light each time the driver opens the door. Another feature of this remarkable novelty allows the interior to stay at a comfortable temperature while parked with the engine turned off, utilizing a hidden spare battery. And taking things a step further, there’s also a walnut covered bar with patented self-corking wine bottles, and a matching Natalia ladies’ handbag said to be worth $12,000.

“The goal for the Natalia is to be completely distinctive from bumper to bumper, the most powerful four-door sport luxury automobile in transportation history,” says DiMora. “The Natalia will set the standard for twenty-first century automotive excellence, and I have drawn on my thirty years of automotive and computer expertise to design this futuristic vehicle-one that is safe, efficient, luxurious, nimble, and powerful.”

The Natalia exerts exclusivity-equipped with a new state-of-the-art GPS navigation system to inform drivers of alternative routes if there is congested traffic ahead. It also has unique beverage holders, heating or cooling drinks as desired. Passengers can also enjoy a high-tech luxury massage in the rear seat. A two-way, hands-free, private phone enables drivers to interact with other drivers with the same cultivated taste. The built-in encoding system lets society socialize on a new level-privately, intimately, and securely.

The first prototype Natalia SLS 2 is scheduled to be complete mid-2009, with a worldwide debut in Beverly Hills, California, followed by an exhibition in Palm Springs for the public, with eventual showings at major auto shows around the world. The DiMora Motorcar is also planning to award numerous prizes to thousands of people who participate in a worldwide treasure hunt, with one lucky person winning the $2 million creation.
While exceeding expectations for safety, ecology, beauty, and luxury, the Natalia will reclaim American automotive design and engineering leadership to its finest.