David Spade is Plumping his Pockets with Real Estate!

Successful entertainers never fail to surprise us. Recently it was Ricky Martin, and now David Spade!

Mr. Spade has put a 3,763 sq/ft. Pacific Coast Hihgway home on the market for $16 million. The 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms Malibu House is described as an amazing architectural domicile with recent construction that provide “unmatched privacy and a perfect blend of ocean and conform.” The property includes a sauna, an art studio, and a pool.

Similar to Ricky Martin’s flipping patterns, Spade bought this house in 2005 for $9.3 million, and looking to sell it, just two years later, for $16 million!

More proof that celebrities Know a thing or two about real estate investing.

Via Realestalker