People Behind the Scenes: Miami’s Top Innovators

Haute Living Talks to Miami’s five innovators that are helping sell units for the developers. These are the people behind the scenes that make it all happen

Photography By Reynaldo Ales

Kashia Orlando
CMC Group

Working for famed developer Ugo Columbo’s CMC Group in Brickell, Kashia Orlando has learned the ropes of the real estate world from the very best. CMC Group is known for their ability to take older buildings and replace them with money-earning luxury condos on the prestigious Miami waterfronts. Here Kashia dishes about sales, Art Basel and how the little things make all the difference.

HL What attracted you to real estate?
KO Truthfully, Ugo hired me right out of college. I graduated with a degree in psychology and health science and never intended to be in the “business world”. Nevertheless, from the day I started my job at CMC as the assistant to the assistant of the director of marketing – I loved it and have never looked back.

HL What does your position entail?
KO Branding, marketing collateral, advertising, press, community affairs, events, sales center operations and liaison between sales director and CMC Group.

HL Who is your favorite artist?
KO I just purchased a Raymond Saá. I’ve liked his work for a long time. It is strong, uplifting and organic– all things I tend to like.

HL What has been your favorite use of art in real estate development?
KO Not to be biased, but I love the Julian Snable pieces that Ugo has at 4000 Ponce (his office building connected to The Collection).

HL What has Art Basel’s impact been on the Miami community?
KO Art Basel has moved and inspired this city in such amazing ways, from appreciation in design, style and architecture to growth in the hotel, shopping, dining and high-rise residential industries. Also, the awakening of cultural art shows has been an interesting evolution that I think the city is very proud of. This reflects upon the growth Miami has had on a whole, which is in part influenced by Art Basel.

HL What are you doing to help promote the arts in our community?
KO Supporting the galleries in the city as well as the museums is so important. Also, we are looking forward to hosting some traveling art shows at EPIC Residences and Hotel.

HL Most important role you play for the developer?
KO It’s all about the bottom line: SALES! Everything I do is with the success of sales in my mind as the driving force. I give attention to the flowers in the office, the Champagne we serve, the candles we light, all of which seem so minor, but I strongly believe that “it’s all in the details,” especially when it come down to Ugo’s projects, since his buildings have precise style and the most luxurious finishes on the market. Of course, the obvious all has to be in place, such as the high-tech presentation touch screens we use, a building model with a touch screen control pad and in the gorgeous waterfront sales center with a model kitchen and bathroom. Everyone loves the sales center and ends up staying for hours. It’s really comfortable and homey.

HL Outlook for 2007 Luxury Market?
KO There is always a market for those who want the best, those who tend to be end-users. These are the types Ugo specializes in and gears his vision towards.