| Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Haute 100 Miami Update: Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria Speaks Up on Team’s Future

With a new ballpark, fans imagined that this year would be a defining one for the Miami Marlins.  But since placing last in the National League East, the team’s owner Jeffrey Loria addressed the unfortunate turn out with the following statement:

“I thought this team was a contender this year, so we have to figure out what went wrong and how to rectify it, but I don’t have any specifics. We have some guys who performed very well. Others haven’t. So, we’ll look at it. Maybe there were aberrations. We have to be very careful. We don’t want to say, ‘Well, this guy didn’t work,’ and then he goes elsewhere and he does work.”

We have yet to learn if Loria plans on making any leadership/managerial changes. Stay tuned.

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