Executive Bios

Hon. Robert Farmer, Chairman

Mr. Farmer is a graduate of Dartmouth College, Harvard Law School, and also attended Harvard Business School. Mr. Farmer currently serves on the board of directors for International Data Group, the world’s leading IT media, research and exposition company. He is also on the board at Charlesbridge Publishing Inc, Dale Carnegie Associates, Inc., Seaview Capital Advisors, and Demeter Systems, Inc. Orlando, FL. In addition, Mr. Farmer founded the publishing company EFM, which he sold in 1983. He served as Vice Chair of Cassidy Associates, the largest lobbying firm in Washington, D.C.,1989- 1991. He served as Vice Chair of International Data Group, a billion dollar publishing conglomerate, 1991-1992, when he took a leave of absence to work the presidential campaign of Bill Clinton. He served as Chairman of GEC-Alsthom, North America, a British French conglomerate in the high speed rail business,1993-1994. He served as the United States Consul General to Bermuda, 1994-1999. He served as Chairman of Advanced Multimedia Group, Inc., which has since been liquidated, 2001-2003. In the political realm, he has served as the National Treasurer of four presidential campaigns: John Glenn, 1984; Mike Dukakis, 1988; Bill Clinton, 1992, John Kerry, 2004. He also served as the Treasurer of the Democratic National Committee from 1989-1991, when he resigned to work on the Clinton Campaign. He also served as the Treasurer of the Democratic Governor’s Association from 1984-1991. He served on the State Board of Education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the mid-1980s. He served as President of the John F. Kennedy Library in the mid-1980s. He served as President of the Mass Electoral College in 1988-1989. He presently serves as finance chairman for Senator John Kerry.

Kamal Hotchandani, Chief Executive Officer

Kamal Hotchandani has been actively involved in business since the age of 9. Kamal Hotchandani was the founder of AMG (Advanced Multimedia Group), which was an Internet company with a focus on investments in the emerging markets in technology space. AMG grew to a market capitalization of $40 million with over $12 million in venture capital raised. Mr. Hotchandani also started OKG (Official Kiosk Group) and ICC (Internet Communication Center), both of which became subsidiaries of AMG. Mr. Hotchandani is the co-founder of Haute Living and has been instrumental in its growth. Mr. Hotchandani is also actively involved in various local charities.

Seth Semilof, Chief Operating Officer

Seth Semilof has been an entrepreneur since he left Boston University at the age of 21. Mr. Semilof first entered into the media realm when he joined advertising legends Mel and Steve Korey’s company, Innovex Mortgage, which provided mortgages via television. Mr. Semilof was with Innovex Mortgage for two years. Following that venture, Mr. Semilof went to work for Morgan Stanley in the high-net worth division, where he met Bill Bradford. He later assisted Mr. Bradford in liquidating his company Circle Media for $68 million. Mr. Semilof and Mr. Bradford then founded a college magazine titled ValueSearch, which expanded to incorporate 15 campuses around the country. Later in their partnership, they purchased the rights to over 4,500 grocery store billboards throughout the U.S., which were subsequently sold to Earthlink for more than $2.5 million. Mr. Semilof took his proceeds from the sale and founded Haute Living, which he has built from a Miami-based magazine to a luxury publication with regional editions in South Florida, New York, Los Angeles/Orange County, and San Francisco.

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