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  • NAME Melissa Auman Greiner
  • BIO Melissa Auman Greiner is a born and bred Philly girl with a soft spot for the city's growing food and fashion scenes, leafy green squares and sultry summers. Just don't get her started on the inadequacy of SEPTA. With a journalism degree from Syracuse University and experience covering the city's tourism, food and shelter markets, she brings HL the area's best from Main Line to shoreline, focusing on hot spots as well as no-fail classics. During those few hours she's not writing or sleeping, Greiner enjoys the simple pleasures in life: old-fashioned cocktails, hand-crafted cheese, the smell of hydrangea and time with her husband and baby boy.

Articles By Melissa Auman Greiner

Sugar High: The Haute 5 Bakeries in Philadelphia

The sweet allure of the bakery is something no one can deny. Wedding cakes decorated to the nines with glitz and glamor, fresh breads straight from the oven and icing-dappled little pastries all have the ability to reduce me, nose to the display case, to sugar-hungry child. From trendy design-heavy firms to small neighborhood shops serving up ethnic delicacies, Philly is full of great spots to dive into a toothache. Check out these five haute picks for some dessert decadence. Read More

Go First Class at the AC Airshow

It doesn't take much to convince me to head to the shore. I love me some sun and some sand. This Wednesday, August 25, you can add some serious sky views to that list as shore goers enjoy one of the country's most renown airshows taking flight above the Atlantic City boardwalk. Read More

Party Time: The Haute Five Galas in Philadelphia

September traditionally marks the beginning of the "season," a series of galas, balls, auctions and other special events that keep the city warm and entertained through the cold weather. Philadelphia is no stranger to this custom, with a slew of charitable events scheduled right through January. If you are looking to be seen and do a little good at the same time, try and nab one a coveted invite to one of these haute galas. Read More

Philly’s Hollandia Makes Up First iPad-Ready Bed

Depending on your crazy work hours, multiple club appearances and early morning boot camp work-outs, you probably spend about one-third of your life in bed. For even the most sleep-deprived person, that's a big chunk of time. Philly-based Hollandia International is dedicated to making sure those sleepy moments are as luxurious as possible, and to that effect they have recently launched the first iPad-compatible bed. Read More

Kiss the Chef: The Haute Five Chef’s Tables in Philadelphia

Scoring a reservation at one of Philadelphia's best-loved dining rooms isn't enough; the truly haute make sure they are in the middle of the action by pulling up a chair to the chef's table. With kitchen views, special menus and direct access to the team in chef whites, these tables turn supper into a spectacular. Check out one of these top five options next time you are up for dinner and a show. Read More

Last Days of Philly’s Center City Sips

I'm not sure who coined the term Happy Hour, but my bet is that he or she had a stressful job. Walk past nearly any cube or office in the city at about 3 p.m., and you'll see an obvious loss of focus coming on. By 4 p.m. there's visible anxiety, at 4:45 it's all people can do to not click "Log Off" and run for the door. Five o'clock, if you are lucky enough to have a 9 to 5, is that magical hour when dark becomes light and work becomes play, when glasses are raised and laughter uncorked. In honor of the post-work party, Center City District has been running Center City Sips all summer long. Read More

Fishtown Moves Forward With Kraftwork

Just a few years ago, Center City was the epicenter of Philadelphia culture ... and not just geographically speaking. Sure, there was the trendy bars of Manayunk and the cozy gravy houses of South Philly, but if a big-name chef, boutique or brand was coming to the City of Brotherly Love, they were dolling out their affections to Rittenhouse or Old City. How quickly times change. As the city's pulse has turned more towards neighborhood locals, homegrown elements and creative ventures, the hot spots have been moving north and south into the residential nooks. The latest example is Kraftwork, the newly opened gourmet pub in the expanding Fishtown section. Read More

Haute Event: Wine Tasting at Cairnwood

Bucks County is home to its fair share of estates and mansions, but as anyone who has ever driven through tiny Bryn Athyn can tell you, the stunning Cairnwood Estate is the real deal. Regal and refined without feeling imposing, the Beaux Arts building -- built in 1895 by Pittsburgh Plate Glass founder John Pitcairn -- is often the backdrop of gorgeous weddings and private soirees. And next Thursday, August 19, the estate is throwing yet another event: a summer wine tasting with Chaddsford Winery. Read More

Haute Event: Rum on the River

Summer may be waning, but there are still a few more weeks to get outside, enjoy the city and slowly sip a refreshing cocktail. Or two. Or (and we highly suggest a designated driver in this instance) 25? Head to the Delaware Riverfront on Thursday, August 19 and you'll be able to do just that as a slew of sweet sips are poured at the Rum on the River Cane Spirits Festival. Read More

Tremble and Tone With Philly’s New Pure Barre

When I was little -- let's say around 6 years old -- I was a ballerina. Sure, it was a one-hour class once a week in which I confused first and second positions and picked at my leotard, but by all definitions, I was a ballerina. I had the shoes, I had the bun and most importantly, I had time on the barre. I was never one for floor work, instead preferring each class's warm-ups during which we lined up in a perfect blank-and-pink row, plieing and releveing in attempted unison. It was good fun, so when I heard that Pure Barre, a fitness studio offering classes that revolve around that lovely wooden dowel, had opened its first Northeast location in Philadelphia, my interest was piqued. Read More