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  • NAME Melissa Auman Greiner
  • BIO Melissa Auman Greiner is a born and bred Philly girl with a soft spot for the city's growing food and fashion scenes, leafy green squares and sultry summers. Just don't get her started on the inadequacy of SEPTA. With a journalism degree from Syracuse University and experience covering the city's tourism, food and shelter markets, she brings HL the area's best from Main Line to shoreline, focusing on hot spots as well as no-fail classics. During those few hours she's not writing or sleeping, Greiner enjoys the simple pleasures in life: old-fashioned cocktails, hand-crafted cheese, the smell of hydrangea and time with her husband and baby boy.

Artcles By Melissa Auman Greiner

“In My Body” Blends Three Art Shows

For many of us, the daily task of living within our own bodies is at once natural and confusing. From the daily reminders each morning when a pair of jeans no longer fits the right way to the anxiety that can accompany the purchase of a new swim suit, the way we look at our body and how it behaves makes up a large part of how we see ourselves as people. A three-part art exhibition, a project of the KatherineAlexandra Foundation, takes a look at this relationship and tries to help us understand the complexities.

Earthly Beauties Bring Eco Fashion to Philly

Looking for a little eco-friendliness in your fashion? The Earthly Beauties — a group of five local, sustainable fashion designers and two supportive boutiques — wants to help you do just that, and will put some of the hottest trends at your fingertips during their fashion show and shopping extravaganza this weekend at CITYSPACE in Center City.

Java Jolt: The Top 5 Coffee Shops in Philadelphia

Be it for a fresh morning start or a late-afternoon jolt, Philadelphians love their coffee. And while a times anything caffeinated will do, we prefer to indulge in one of the city’s many independent shops, where ceramic cups are the norm and you don’t need to speak Italian to order correctly.If you want to go laid back the next time you perk up, check out one of these popular Philly java joints.