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  • NAME Melissa Auman Greiner
  • BIO Melissa Auman Greiner is a born and bred Philly girl with a soft spot for the city's growing food and fashion scenes, leafy green squares and sultry summers. Just don't get her started on the inadequacy of SEPTA. With a journalism degree from Syracuse University and experience covering the city's tourism, food and shelter markets, she brings HL the area's best from Main Line to shoreline, focusing on hot spots as well as no-fail classics. During those few hours she's not writing or sleeping, Greiner enjoys the simple pleasures in life: old-fashioned cocktails, hand-crafted cheese, the smell of hydrangea and time with her husband and baby boy.

Articles By Melissa Auman Greiner

Opa! The Top 5 Mediterranean Restaurants in Philadelphia

The stunning coastline of the Mediterranean is what lures visitors, but the simple, super flavorful dishes of the region are what win them over. Tender fish dishes, colorful produce and some of the best olives on Earth create rustic yet refined meals that fit any outing. For an authentic taste, visit one of these top Philadelphia restaurants. Read More

Cervesas and Ceviche at Chifa/Iron Hill Beer Dinner

With it's rich flavors and fiery kick, most Latin-inspired food pairs amazingly well with the creamy tang of good beer. Iron Chef Jose Garces and his crew at Chifa have decided to jump on this advantage, has been hosting a series of beer pairing dinners at the restaurant, which will continue through the rest of the year. But next up: a menu with the local and suitably named Iron Hill Brewery. Read More

In the Raw: The Top 5 Raw Bars in Philadelphia

While many squirm at the mere mention, many more grow giddy when it comes to raw bars. Just plucked from the sea, brimming with briny goodness, oysters, clams and other chilled seafood make a killer starter course, or an indulgent meal. Only the freshest little critters will do, though, so get yourself to one of these popular Philadelphia shuckers for a dozen of your favorites just from the boat. Read More

Hearts On Fire Diamonds Blaze at New Bernie Robbins Boutique

As anyone who has every shopped for one knows, all diamonds are not the same. Oh sure, most of them are darn right beautiful and would happily be scooped up by a happy recipient. But when you are giving the best sparkler out there, shouldn't it, too, be the best? Cut, clarity, carat and color all suddenly come in to play, and shopping can get significantly more difficult. In order to help out well intentioned men, Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelers recently opened a Hearts On Fire® boutique. Read More