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Ray’s Pizza Begins to Close Doors

Amidst a sea of Ray's look-a-likes, Ray's Pizza,located at 27 Prince Street in Little Italy, in the great pizza wars of New York City, was respected as having been the first. And now, it seems, barring any surprises, Ray’s Pizza — the ostensible original — appears doomed to close at the end of the month. Guests and employees alike are less than thrilled at the prospect. Read More

Michael Bloomberg’s Luxurious New York Properties

Michael R. Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor of New York, may prefer diners to power-breakfast spots, but he is certainly no everyman, jetting around the world in his own private plane and giving away hundreds of millions in charity. And when it comes to real estate, his tastes are rather heightened, especially with two of his properties — a town house on East 79th Street and one in Cadogan Square in London — and, perhaps soon, a $20 million Georgian mansion in Southampton, a 35-acre estate known as Ballyshear. Read More

Emmy Awards Parties 2011

The 63rd Annual Emmy Awards went off without a hitch, and post-show, especially for the night's winners, there was plenty to celebrate. Red carpets and limousines lined the streets from the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown LA to Mr. C's in Beverly Hills. Winners, nominees, and everyone in between sipped champagne and toasted yet another successful year of television entertainment. Read More

Burberry Spring 2012 Collection Live From London

Burberry has embraced the idea that giving unrestricted access to consumers, in every way possible, is the way to get ahead in today's market. Burberry has gone live with its Burberry Spring Summer 2012 collection from Hyde Park. Well-dressed buyers or keen admirers from all over the world can now watch this collection live on digital platform. It will be streamed live online at Burberry.com as well as on the Burberry Facebook page. Twitter fans can also follow the Burberry Twitter account. The runway show can also be viewed on an iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. Ardent shoppers can purchase stuff from the Runway collection immediately after the show at Burberry.com and it will be delivered within 8 weeks, about 3 months ahead of standard industry times. So fashionistas, it’s time to attend the fashion show, go through the collection and shop the latest trends too without leaving your couch! Fashion at your fingertips. Read More

The Washington Square Bar & Grill Is History

The Washington Square Bar & Grill was once the hottest place in San Francisco, and today, it's history. The artifacts from the place - menus, photographs, drawings, newsletters, jerseys from the house softball team called Les Lapins Sauvages, newspaper columnist Stanton Delaplane's typewriter, martini glasses, memories - have all been shipped to the San Francisco Public Library History Center. The trademark wooden WSB&G sign that graced the outside of the restaurant for more than 30 years is headed to the library. All will go on display eventually, next to other historical items. Read More

Baia Yacht Makes An Eco-Friendly Luxury Yacht

Baia recently unveiled a luxury green vessel called the Baia Yacht, available in 26.6 and 29.6 sizes. With speeds of over 22 Knots, these vessels sport hybrid propulsion systems and also use exhaust systems with diesel particular filters that keep the waters relatively clean of emissions. Using diesel as well as electric engines to power up and surf through the waves, these yachts use high-performance and low-consumption POD or IPS systems. Read More

Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Goes on Display in Moscow

Christie’s has revealed images of the jewelry collection of Oscar-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor, set to be auctioned in New York this December. As HauteLiving previously reported, select highlights from the 269-piece collection went on an eight-city tour including London, Los Angeles, Dubai, Geneva, Paris and Hong Kong, beginning in Moscow. Read More