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  • NAME Laura Yarborough
  • BIO Laura Yarborough is an editor, writer, blogger and up-and-coming author who loves to inspire. She can usually be found writing about love, celebrity news, relationships, fashion, spirituality, luxury homes, interior design and so much more.

Articles By Laura Yarborough

Katherine Heigl’s Hot Tub Fiasco Home Up For Sale For $2.659M

Actress Katherine Heigl and singer Josh Kelley are finally selling their Colonial home. After purchasing the colonial style home back in 2007 for $2.55 million, the home in Los Feliz has been what many would consider a neighbor-friendly home. In fact, in 2010, the media was flooded with talks about a Hot Tub Incident, something that Heigl addressed on many talk shows. It seems that the couple called the police after being yelled at by neighbor about some late night hot tubbing. Read More

Jack Nicholson Selling Off Bad News Land on Mulholland Drive

After purchasing this notorious property on Mulholland Drive back in 1975, Jack Nicholson has had nothing but quite an interesting stay there and many horrible tells to follow. The actor purchased the home for $49,000 with great hopes for the property. Read More

Preview of Jeremy Scott’s Smart Design Launch

Just two days ago, guests were amazed at the debut of outré designer Jeremy Scott’s cool showcar called the Smart design made exclusively for the German automotive company. The special designed-winged car was unveiled at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, leaving many kids dreaming about the sleek smart car. Read More

Sherry Yard Bids Farewell to Spago to Open Bakery

According to the Los Angeles Times, the lovely executive pastry chef of Wolfgang Puck’s dining group, Sherry Yard will be saying farewell to Spago to open her very own epic bakery. Yard will be teaming up with Sang Yoon of Lukshon and Father’s Office to recreate one of the most legendary bakery operations ever, the old Helm’s Bakery in Culver City. Read More

Viacom Announces Wade Davis as CFO

The former executive vp Wade Davis has officially been named Viacom’s new CFO, replacing Jimmy Barge who will be pursuing other opportunities, following the transitional period, according to a statement released by the company. Read More

Rotating D’Angelo House Hits the Market

Over the years, the Beatles have had the pleasure to party in many houses in the city, but this is by far the house that has the momentum of the Beatles lingering even until this day. The 857 square-foot rotating D’Angelo House is very small compared to most luxury houses, but very large in its lore of the legendary band, who, back in 1965 spent time in the home while on tour in Los Angeles. Read More

Discover the Hottest Dinner Reservation in LA

According to the latest issue of the New Yorker, L.A. is not only one of the best cities to shop, but the dining experience is by far one of the greatest, with restaurants like LudoBites, Providence, Angelini Osteria, Urasawa, Piccolo and Echigo. One may not think of an underground supper club like chef Craig Thornton’s “Wolvesden” as a possible contender. However, Thorton’s Wolvesmouth dinners are in fact some of the very best in town and are highly regarded. Read More

Sprinkles Now Sells Cupcakes at The Grove

This past Friday, Sprinkles to-go cupcake window has officially started to serve in the redesigned lobby in The Grove. The simple design is clearly inspired by the original Beverly Hills cupcakes boutique, making the experience a must-see, with its use of vibrant and bold colors, not to mention the delectable sweet smells, what more could a customer ask for? Read More

Eric Ripert Launches $1,050 Luxury Caviar

The well-known French celebrity chef Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin never seems to surprise us, with his restaurant already receiving accolades for being dubbed the best seafood destination in New York City, the chef has unveiled his very own line of luxury caviar that is priced at a whopping $1,050 for 8 ounces. Read More

The Most Expensive Star-Studded Soirees of 2012

With 2012 almost coming to an end, it’s always good to look back on some of the most elaborate affairs, dinners or parties that have been the talk of the town among the elite A-listers, especially in New York City. Read More