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Spaaah Week

My favorite time of the year is descending upon us…Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Thanksgiving, Fall Foliage…and Spa Week. Spa Week pretty much seals the deal for me in making Fall trumping the holidays as “The Hap-Happiest Season of All…” Read More

The No Guilt Nap

Stressed out? Head to the gym…for a nap. The ultimate gym class is now in full “swing” at a gym in Charlotte, North Carolina. “Air Napping” is the latest offering at the Flex-and-Fit gym. Read More

Most Expensive Blowdry in the World

igh-end department store Harrods recently introduced the World’s Most Expensive Blowdry, at $510. What makes this blowout so special you may wonder? The answer is quite simply a trip across time and space, shooting stars and allotropes of carbon. Read More

How to Undo Summer Skin Damage

While you cautiously soak up the last of summers’ rays this Labor Day weekend, doused in your favorite brand of block, you may want to consider some of these post-summer skin therapy options. Read More

Pippa Middleton’s Behind May Have Been Enhanced

Patients who recently underwent the knife for the Pippa Middleton butt lift may be disappointed to learn of recent suspicions that Pippa may indeed have padded her royal rump on that fateful day when the image of her small hourglass figure was shot. Read More