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Back to School: The Haute 5 Kid’s Clothing Stores in Honolulu

Back to school shopping was something I loved as a kid. On one hand it was sad, as it marked the end of summer and the start of the school year, but on the other hand it meant new clothes for me and my sister! Compared to the rest of the United States, school attire is much more casual in Hawaii. Even with private schools, the dress code can include shorts and slippers! Nonetheless, there are still some great retail spots to get back to school attire for your keiki (Hawaiian for child) in Honolulu. Read More

Sweet Sensations: The Haute 5 Ice Cream Shops in Honolulu

Yes we all scream for ice cream – but in Hawaii we really scream for Hawaiian Shave Ice - even President Obama! Shave ice traces its history to Japan where it is known as Kakigori and dates back many, many years. Shave Ice enjoyed world-wide popularity after Japanese plantation workers immigrated to the Hawaiian Islands and took their traditional dessert with them, creating shave ice from large blocks of ice and using Japanese swords which were family heirlooms. It is also popular in Puerto Rico, which also had a large plantation culture – they referred to the cool treat as Piragua. In Italy, it is known as Granita. Read More

Val Loh Designs: Ocean Inspired Jewelry

I first met Val in the ocean surfing the waves off Waikiki. After years of knowing here I have come to the conclusion that she is a true renaissance woman! Ms. Loh is a gifted surfer, a professional photographer with an amazing eye and a mother. When I heard that she had launched a jewelry line I was intrigued. Once I saw her mindful creations I was very impressed. Read More

Wakey, Wakey: The Haute 5 Places to Eat Breakfast in Honolulu

In Hawaii we are very early risers. Often we are up at the crack of sunlight to get that pre-work surf when the waves are right. Or some prefer to hit 18 holes before the hot Hawaii sun starts to blaze. Either way we are hungry and looking to tuck into a savory breakfast Hawaiian Style! Read More

Hautels: the Haute 5 Hotels in Honolulu

Poised along a private section of Waikiki Beach, The Royal Hawaiian, A Luxury Collection Resort is set amid tropical gardens that take you back in time to when Hawaii had a slower pace. This resort hotel stands adjacent to the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center which is home to many luxury brands that would please even the most jaded of shoppers. This iconic resort reopened in 2009 following an extensive renovation to offer travelers an experience steeped in Hawaiian design details. This historic Waikiki landmark, often lovingly referred to as the Pink Palace, is home to world class spa services and dining experiences like the oceanfront Azure, the beach side Surf Lanai and The Mai Tai Bar that hosts live Hawaiian entertainment. www.royal-hawaiian.com Read More

Shoe Ins: The Haute 5 Shoe Stores In Honolulu

With the relaxed island lifestyle here, one could say that the state’s official shoe is the slipper. In many places like Australia it is known as a thong, and in the United States a flip flop, but here in the 808 state we call them slippers. While they are great for the beach and a casual day out and about town, there are times when a slipper just will not do! Imagine Carrie Bradshaw shopping for shoes in Hawaii. In that case, Carrie would head to one of the following spots to get her luxury footwear. Read More

Haute Couture: The Haute 5 Fashion Boutiques in Honolulu

One of my favorite things about fall was the going back to school shopping we did when I was a kid. Let’s just say it has been a few years since I was going school shopping with my mom and sister, but even with age - the love for shopping never dies! In Honolulu there a wide variety of shopping options from tourist tacky to luxury labels. In fact Honolulu is home to the Ala Moana Shopping Center which is one of the largest open air shopping centers in the world boasting more over 290 shops and restaurants. Read More

Hollywood Hits Honolulu

Honolulu has been a very popular destination lately for Hollywood! We had George Clooney filming his movie The Descendants, then the television series Lost wrapped. Many here in the film industry were wondering - what next? Well now we are entertaining the next installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean, the updated Hawaii Five-O television series and now tween sensation Justin Bieber is coming! Read More

Haute Décor: The Haute 5 Home Décor Stores in Honolulu

One of the many great things about living in the tropics is the weather and in Hawaii we love our outdoor space. This outdoor tropical living is most reflected in home furnishings and décor. In addition to the traditional chain furniture stores, Hawaii boasts a large selection of smaller custom stores that feature Asian and Pacific style home décor. Due to its unique location, Hawaii is an ideal place to pick up pieces from Southeast Asia and the Pacific that reflect the island vibe in their designs and fabrics. Read More