Discovering The Best Of Charming Charleston

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Zero George
Zero George

Charleston offers an array of hidden gems, culinary delights and welcoming hospitality options. Powerhouse hospitality couple Lynn Easton and Dean Porter Andrews lovingly restored Zero George, a charming boutique hotel with 16 rooms and suites dating back to 1804.

Everything about this small hotel is warm, sincere and inviting. The light, airy rooms are paired with a fabulous bed, great linens and pillows, charging stations and of course, something very rarely seen: branded collar stays. Each room is thoughtfully and intelligently laid out to maximize the comfort of their guests.

Zero George
Zero George

To enter the hotel off of George Street, guests pass through a courtyard and walk inside through the kitchen. It’s not unlikely to catch a glimpse of the enormously talented Vinson Petrillo and his team, quietly working away for the nighttime dining experience at Zero Café. What opened in 2013 as a quick stop for pre-theater drinks and apps has since become a unique experience in fine dining. Around 10 white-clothed tables bathed in candlelight fill the dining area of the house at the corner of George and East Bay streets.

Zero George
Zero George


Every evening, there is a cheese and wine offering in the small but lively bar. Guests can stay in the bar or use any of the adjoining living rooms or large surrounding verandas. Dinner at Zero Café is a gastronomic delight, tastefully presented and offering the chef’s menu, which changes daily to include anything from grilled octopus (pressure cooked for 17 minutes and then charred on the grill) to fresh snapper and Hamachi collar, plus some very interesting game dishes.


First and last impressions are very important. Zero George begins the guest experience at check-in, but when checking out guests can expect a personalized handwritten note accompanying the bill as well as personalized luggage tags on any baggage.

Outside of Zero George, Charleston has a buzzing food and beverage scene. A memorable lunch can be enjoyed at Chez Nous, a pint-sized neighborhood restaurant with a handful of tables and a handwritten menu that changes daily. Featuring wines from Southern France, Northern Italy and Northern Spain, the menu of local ingredients offers a choice between two appetizers, two entrees and two desserts.

Zero Restaurant
Zero Restaurant

If you have a lazy afternoon, stop by Goat. Sheep. Cow. for a wine and cheese experience that is completely unique. Enjoy the atmosphere at this gourmet specialty cheese shop, featuring an array of artisanal cheeses and wine pairings. As one bottle turns into two, the extremely knowledgeable staff is more than equipped to curate the perfect selection, and the assortment of fine cheese is unsurpassed.

If you feel like getting dressed up, Cannon Green should be the first choice. It’s a large, lively restaurant with a Mediterranean small plate menu and charming garden for al fresco lunch, dinner or brunch. The beautifully planted garden is lined with bubbling fountains, which makes it great for a private event or ceremony.


There is a thriving music scene in the Lowcountry, too. Check out the line up of talent at the Music Farm or Charleston Music Hall. Step it up a bit and try the swing dance crowd at King’s Street Prohibition bar.

The best thing about Charleston, however, is the endearing feel that blankets the entire city. Restaurants in 18th century houses, a host of cultural attractions, gorgeous architecture and narrow cobblestone streets make any outsider feel right at home. The waterfront city has a deep-rooted history that has perfectly maintained it’s old-fashioned southern charm, and is definitely a must-visit for a relaxing and stress-free vacation.


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