5 Must-Try Juice Bars in LA

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Check out our haute picks for the five best juice bars in LA.

1 Moon Juice

Moon Juice makes juicing fun. These fun juices are 100% cold-pressed or organic, with great, quirky names and products. Great juices include the Beauty Nectar—Grapefruit, Aloe, Schisandra Berry, and Pearl which beautifies, mineralizes deeply, aids digestion and is high in aminos—"Moon milks" like the Monster Moon: Alkalized + Mineralized + Oxygenated Water, cucumber, romaine, spinach, coconut, chia seeds, mint, lemon and stevia which nourishes the skin, boosts energy and supports the thyroid—and "dusts" or "tonics" like the Sex Dust, a lusty adaptogen to ignite, excite, and cultivate the sexual flow in both men and women made of Ho Shou Wu, Cistanche, Cacao, Shilajit, Maca, Epimedium, Schisandra and Stevia.
507 Rose Ave., Venice (310) 399-2929

2 Kreation

At Kreation, you'll find some of the tastiest juices in L.A. made from %100 organic farmers market sourced fruits and veggies as well as cold-pressed and organic juices. In addition to its tony sit down eatery in Montana (with a cafe attached), the brand even has “juicemobiles” cruising the streets of LA as well as a juice "ATM" at its Beverly Hills location. We're a big fan of the wellness syringes and the tonics ,but our hands-down favorite the super-simple watermelon, lemon and cayenne for hydrating and debloating.
1023 Montana Ave., Santa Monica (310) 458-4880

3 Glow Bio

Glow Bio is a fan favorite as much for founder Kimberly Snyder's healthy principles as it is for being one of the only juiceries to add probiotics into its products. All Glow Bio's smoothies, cold-pressed juices and boosters are 100% organic, though you won't find ingredients like agave or cashew milk in any of its products. Make sure to order great smoothies like the Youth Fountain— turmeric, mango, lime juice, mint and coconut water and Baby Skin of blueberries, bee pollen, banana, stevia and coconut water—as well as cold-pressed juices like the Beauty Builder of Beauty of raw aloe, cucumber and lemon.
7473 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles (323) 782-3939

4 Beaming

Beaming is a rapidly growing company with several new locations that carry some of the best-tasting smoothies and juices around...that actually do your body good. Women who want to get their baby-making on may go for the Get Preggy Fertility Smoothie that balance hormones + stimulates healthy, vibrant cells thanks to a blend of goji and blueberries, powdered greens and wheat grass, maca root, flax meal, Royal jelly hormone, bee pollen and protein powder—as well as the Knocked Up pregnancy smoothie, which is great for expecting mothers as it nourishes blood, improves brain development and builds strong bones while preventing anemia and muscle cramping. We also love the superfood blends and smoothies with with almond milk so rich they taste like milkshakes. Our favorite is the Cherry Blossom of cherries, strawberries, bananas and dates.
1426 Montana Ave., Santa Monica (310) 299-7622 

5 Pressed

When you sip a Pressed juice—in particular the matcha & hemp with, chlorophyll, dates, hemp seeds, matcha, moringa, sea salt, spirulina and vanilla bean or the brazil nut with dates, kale, romaine, sea salt, spinach and vanilla bean—you might feel like you're drinking a healthy milkshake. But guess what? These juices, as great as they taste, are pure health. No sweeteners are used, not even agave, and each juice contains almost five pounds of product. Its three young entrepreneurial founders -- Hayden Slater, Hedi Gores and Carly Brien -- are clearly on to a good thing. Pressed now has 22 locations in Southern California with three new locations coming soon.
430 N. Bedford Dr., Beverly Hills (310) 247-8488
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