All You Need to Know About Flexjet’s New Learjet 75LXi

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Lear 75 LXi Exterior
Lear 75 LXi Exterior

The brand new Learjet 75 LXi business jet is the latest exclusive plane that’s been added to Flexjet‘s fleet—and private travelers should get excited.

With a transonic cruising speed of Mach 0.78, this plane is the fastest in its class. It has a nonstop range of 2,050 sm, 3,850 lbs. of takeoff thrust and a 12 percent runway length improvement over the Learjet 45 meaning that you’ll get to where you need to go in a quicker, much more efficient way—giving you more time, something that most private fliers value above all else. The Learjet 75LXi will take you from Chicago to Los Angeles, nonstop, and the improved runway length opens the door to even more airport destinations across the country.

It’s quiet and comfortable: sound suppression was a top priority when choosing materials for the seats, walls and floor, and we all know that a noisy plane can easily cause exhaustion. The cabin pressure is also kept low, which noticeably reduces dehydration.

The luxury interior, customized for Flexjet owners, isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s designed to maximize space and comfort. The premium, ergonomic leather seats are accented with hammered metal clasps and buckles—a detail that’s repeated throughout the cabin’s hardware—aren’t just chic, they’re cozy. Discreet touchscreen monitors and tables are nearly invisible when stowed, but always an intuitive click away when you need them. When deployed, the touchscreen monitor controls everything you need to make your flight enjoyable, from cabin temperature to music and video. The screen has an articulating hinge that allows you to position and view it at any angle, so your viewing experience is truly your own. There are also two fold-down ottomans for maximized comfort.

Other features on this private plane include WiFi capabilities, power outlets, a telephone, video monitors, an airshow system, DVD player, headsets, microwave, lavatory and a refreshment center.

One thing is for sure: it truly pays to fly private!

Learjet 75 LXi Interior
Learjet 75 LXi Interior
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