Haute Lawyer Expert Robert S. Fakhouri Embraces Social Media’s Reach

Robert S. Fakhouri is the founder and leading lawyer of The Fakhouri Firm. The Fakhouri Firm is a personal injury law firm dedicated to protecting the legal rights of victims who have sustained catastrophic injuries or were killed because the wrongful conduct of others.

Robert S. Fakhouri

Mr. Fakhouri recently shared his perspective and insight into his firm’s embrace of social media and the effect it has regarding client relations. Mr. Fakhouri is an active user of Instagram and TikTok.

Why is it so important for attorneys to use social media?

It’s important because that’s where people are gathering and looking for information in their day to day lives. As an attorney, it’s important to use social media not only to showcase your professional life, but also your personal life in order to give your clients an inside perspective on who and how you are.

For example, fitness is extremely important to me. I showcase that aspect of my personal life because it informs my clients the level of dedication and commitment that I have in the gym, which transcends into my professional life and the way I handle my case files. This is just one example of how social media can be a great source of information and a resource to allow clients to get to know their attorneys a bit better.

I’m a young attorney and I’m well aware that it is a new day and age. The old, traditional law firm commercial are just not it anymore and I don’t think that is what folks use to select and hire their attorneys now a days. Rather, they head to their social media to look for an attorney law firm to see how they act and how they present themselves. As an attorney, you are the narrator of the story. With all of this in mind, I know for a fact that my clients are getting a perspective they simply do not get from other attorneys or law firms.


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