Get To Know South Florida Tax Attorney Suzanne M. Dewitt

Get to know one of Haute Lawyer’s newest attorneys – Tax Attorney Suzanne DeWitt. Suzanne DeWitt is the founder and managing partner of DEWITT PLLC. With over 21 years of experience in international tax and private wealth planning, she is an expert in the areas of global tax minimization and cross-border wealth planning and implementation.

Photo Credit: Emiliano Brooks

Why did you choose Tax Law as your specialization?

I decided to specialize in Tax Law because it is so much more than a “crunching numbers” exercise. I think of myself more as a designer when creating and implementing understandable and workable solutions to complex areas of Tax Law. I pride myself on knowing the rules and on my ability to take more of an entrepreneurial approach with my domestic and international clients, which range from ultra-high net worth individuals, family office platforms, and closely-held businesses to Fortune 500 companies and multinational conglomerates. Rather than discuss the hypothetical benefits of a certain tax structure or planning concept, I am an active participant in its implementation and ongoing maintenance which allows me to put a value on it. I love being able to provide easy-to-understand models that show a clear picture of a client’s income or estate taxes under various scenarios.

What is your goal as an attorney?

My goal as an attorney is to offer my clients simple, workable solutions to the complex areas of Tax Law. A large part of my value proposition is taking extremely technical concepts and rules and converting them into a straight-forward, tailored, working plan with a clear framework and direction that is easy for the client to understand. I love being able to increase a client’s bottom line by increasing their tax savings in ways they could never have envisioned.

What is something that 2020 has taught you?

2020 has reminded me how important it is to factor empathy, gratitude, and patience into every aspect of my practice. The goal is to always keep moving forward and adapt quickly, while not losing sight of the person you are advocating for.