Get To Know Motorcycle And Personal Injury Attorney Weston Finn

Get to know the new member of the Haute Lawyer Network representing Personal Injury in the South Florida area and motorcycle enthusiast, Weston Finn, founder of The Moto Lawyer, PLLC. Read our Q&A with Mr. Finn below.

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What is your passion for motorcycling and how did you implement it into your career?

Motorcycling and the culture surrounding has always been a part of my family; growing up, my father and my uncles were all motorcyclists.  In fact, my earliest memory is being on my father’s motorcycle.  He put me in between his arms and took me around the block.  As I grew up, I motorcycled everywhere.  Throughout high school, then into undergrad and law school, motorcycling was always my preferred mode of transportation. At 20 years old, I moved to Florida and it was at this age that my life changed forever.  My father was in a devastating motorcycle accident.  As a result of the accident, my father was in a coma for five weeks and suffered some life-changing injuries.  To this day my father still needs 24-hour assistance.  For years following his accident, I was part of every second of his recovery, everything from managing doctor’s appointments to managing his dental practice.  During his recovery, the care and benefits that my father received as a result of having an experienced motorcycle attorney, molded my future. Once my father’s condition stabilized, I pursued my law degree. In my pursuit, I was laser-focused on the idea of helping other motorcyclists.  To this day my father and I are very thankful to that attorney, who has since become a colleague.

What is your main goal as an attorney?

To provide as much help and assistance that I can to injured motorcyclists.

What does a Personal Injury attorney handle?

Personal injury attorneys work in the legal field of torts.  Torts, not to be mistaken with the pastries, is a field that represents individuals who have been damaged as a result of another’s wrongdoing.  As a personal injury attorney, my role is to determine the liable party for the injuries my client sustained. Many “P.I.” attorneys represent individuals for things like slip-and-falls, car accidents, trucking accidents, and other civil matters that resulted in the injury of our clients. For me, it’s establishing what brought about the motorcycle accident.

For motorcyclists, the most common scenario is that the other party did not see my client.  Maybe the other driver didn’t check their blind spot or they were distracted by things such as their phone.  Motorcycles by their very nature are already extremely vulnerable.  Motorcyclists don’t have the protection of the “cage” (as many bikers refer to cars and trucks).  Without this protection, even what seems to be a minor accident, can result in devastating, painful, and expensive injuries.

Weston Finn is the exclusive Personal Injury Law representative in the South Florida area, as a member of the exclusive Haute Lawyer Network.

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Interview by Andres E. Caceres