Enhance Overall Wellness With Your Morning Coffee

If the first thing you think about when your alarm goes off in the morning is coffee, why not start your day with a wellness boost as well? All it takes is a spoonful (or packet) to give your caffeine fix an extra kick, and it’s likely your entire day will be better because of it. Even if you’re not a java addict, these wellness-boosting supplements can be added to tea, hot water with lemon, green juice, smoothies and beyond to get their body-balancing benefits, and who couldn’t use a little more energy, stamina or focus, too?

Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic
Mushrooms are a rich source of adaptogens, which essentially help your body cope with all sorts of stress by helping you rise to the occasion when you need to respond, or calm down when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Four Sigmatic offers countless ways to get your daily dose of adaptogens, including a variety of eye-opening instant and ground coffee options. Choose from chocolate- and cinnamon-spiked, or creamy latte, creativity- and energy-enhancing formulas—and your day is sure to get off to a great, delicious start.


Ladder Greens
Odds are you’re probably not eating as many vegetables as you should, but there’s a powder-based solution for that! With a potent all-natural blend of broccoli seed extract, spinach, matcha, spirulina, barley grass, and rhodiola, one packet supplies vitamin D, magnesium, B vitamins and zinc for your body’s immune and nervous systems, plus extra help for healthy bones and dealing with everyday stress. Simply add to your coffee or any other beverage of choice—or use in baking recipes to add extra nutrients.


Moon Juice

Moon Juice
Turn coffee or any other drink into an adaptogen-fueled sippable solution for glowier skin, better focus, increased sex drive, peaceful sleep, a more positive mood or making the most of your workout. Available in both stay-at-home jars and perfectly-portable packets, there’s a Moon Juice to help you make the most of your day—but the hardest part is choosing just one.

Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
Feeling good about how we look definitely falls under the wellness umbrella. If healthier-looking skin, hair and nails (as well as more comfortable joints, ligaments and tendons) are on your wish list, this collagen powder is a great place to start. Undetectable when mixed into your morning coffee or any beverage throughout the day (or baked-good recipe), this collagen supplement is so popular it’s almost impossible to keep in stock.

The Nue Co.


The Nue Co. Reset Kit
Everyone needs to detox from time to time, and anyone who’s ever made the effort to “reset” their bodies can attest to benefits that include skin improvement, extra energy and a more balanced belly. This three-product kit helps you achieve these goals with Plant Protein + Gut Food, Skin Food + Prebiotic and Debloat Food + Prebiotic—and all you need to do is incorporate one teaspoon of each into your morning and evening routines. These powder-based supplements can be used with or without other cleansing or detoxifying measures, although if you’re really trying to get clean, mixing it into coffee probably isn’t the best way to go.