Dr. Galanis Shares Expert Advice On The Current Breast Augmentation Trends


Breast augmentations have had a large surge in request over the last few years. Whether women are seeking the surgery for reasons such as, enhancements, reductions, or other reason patients are looking for one specific result. Dr. Galanis, breast expert, sat down with Haute Beauty editors to discuss the current trends in breast procedures.

What are the current trends in breast augmentation surgery?

Based on what I am seeing in my practice as well as from discussion with colleagues, the majority of patients in 2019 are interested in a more natural look with breast augmentation surgery.  I think a common misconception that had dominated breast augmentation surgery for a long time was the notion that breast implants inherently convey an unnatural look.  This is simply not true. Fortunately, with modern techniques and implant technology, plastic surgeons can deliver a very natural tear-drop shape consistent with the current trend we are seeing in practices throughout the country.

What are the different reasons some women may consider breast augmentations?

Many women mention that they just want to look more feminine.  They report feeling uncomfortable or unable to wear certain clothes. Some feel their body proportions look unnatural. Other women are mothers who lost their breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Still, others have had asymmetry that they are looking to address.  Whatever the reason, the one unifying factor is confidence. As a group, these women are self-confident intelligent strong women.  They are looking into this procedure for themselves and not because of anyone else.  They just feel that their confidence and sense of femininity is hampered in such a way that they feel their sense of inner beauty does not align with their self-perception of outer beauty. In simplest terms, they look into this surgery not so much to change the way they look but to help change the way they feel.

Is there a typical size requested by most patients?

This will vary from patient to patient.  Although many come in with a goal cup size or a number of cc’s in mind, I try to stress to them to focus on the “look” they want to achieve.  Cup sizes will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and a certain number of ccs will look very different from patient to patient.  In general, the things I hear from patients are “natural” and a “little more fullness especially up top…but nothing too crazy.”  During a consultation, I will make an accurate evaluation of the patient’s unique anatomy including chest dimensions, skin thickness and elasticity, and other factors.  We will try on sizes.  Lastly, I will ask the patient to provide goal photos that really help me understand what their personal goals are.

In your opinion, which celebrities have had the best breast augmentations?

Haha, well I don’t want to speak out of turn about people that are hoping to stay private.  I think a lot of the best work on celebrities is the work that no one even knows about.  Put another way, if they’re a subject of a “did they or didn’t they?” it’s either the mark of great genes or great plastic surgery!