The Vision and Values Behind AMG Plastic Surgery

In the world of plastic surgery, where transformation and self-confidence are paramount, Dr. Amir Mahan Ghaznavi has established a thriving medical practice, rooted in a commitment to deliver world-class medical care inspired by the ideals of empathy, education, and expertise.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of AMG Plastic Surgery

Was there a personal and/or professional experience that inspired you to open your practice?

I come from a family of successful entrepreneurs and business owners, so I always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  AMG Plastic Surgery has always been a dream of mine to open one day and grow into a successful medical practice.  I believe in providing world-class medical care mirrored after my prior organizations.  AMG Plastic Surgery allows me to deliver my vision of plastic surgical care in a boutique medical practice.

What was your mission at the start of opening your practice? Has it changed?

My mission has always been to connect with my clients through every step of their cosmetic or reconstructive journey.  The personal connection in this intimate practice allows to me to focus on each step of the client experience and maximize their plastic surgical outcomes.

If you had to pick three words to describe the vibe of your practice, what would they be and why?

Empathy, Education, and Expertise.  I believe educating clients about their procedures is foundational to having great outcomes.  Empathizing with a client’s needs allows me to connect with a client’s true desired results and with my expertise in plastic surgery, I can design a plan that truly fits each client’s needs while prioritizing safety.

How did you come up with the name of your practice?

It is my initials (Amir Mahan Ghaznavi).  I feel the initials signify world-class care while highlighting our unique expertise and experience.

What are the most popular services requested?

AMG Lipo360 (Liposuction), AMG Tuck ( Tummy Tuck), Breast Augmentation, and Breast Reconstructions.

What is the future of your field?

Awake Procedures.  As more and more safety measures are put in place, a greater number of our procedures will be done under local and awake anesthesia.  I suspect that popular procedures done under general anesthesia will be mapped out differently to accommodate awake anesthesia.

What are you best known for?

I'm best known for body contouring. My cosmetic clients seek out my AMG Lipo360 which incorporates full torso high-definition liposuction with energy for skin tightening.   I pride myself on creating amazing silhouettes that are flattering for both women and men.  I excel at both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures of the breast.  Whether burdened by large breasts or touched by breast cancer, breast reconstruction has always been a rewarding and passionate part of my plastic surgery practice.

What is unique about your practice?

That is not all cosmetic.  It is a mixed practice that cares for patients with breast cancer who need reconstruction and those who have lost a lot of weight and need body contouring.  Our clients join our intimate AMG family where they are our patients for life.  We pride ourselves in providing individualized care that is responsive to all their surgical needs.

Are there any new services you are excited to offer?

Awake breast and body contouring procedures.  While liposuction is routinely done awake, there are opportunities to perform Tummy Tucks and Breast Augmentations using local and awake anesthesia techniques.

What is one underrated service that doesn’t receive as much press as it should be?

One underrated service that doesn't receive as much press as it should is fat transferring to the breast.  While breast implants are safe and routinely used, techniques that involve transferring your own body’s fat to the breast can achieve more fullness in the breast.  In the right patient, these techniques can achieve a full cup size in volume.  Fat transfer can also be combined with breast implants to achieve a more harmonious result.

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