Haute Leaders Gather At TUR Kitchen In Coral Gables For Remarkable Dinner

Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Feliz, Elsa Rivero, Lana Mar and Dr. Paul Durand

Photo Credit: Michelle Kammerman 

As part of its ongoing networking series, Haute Media Group hosted industry leaders at the upscale Mediterranean restaurant TUR Kitchen in Downtown Coral Gables.

TUR kitchen welcomed guests at an outdoor patio behind the bar. The delightful outdoor area is tastefully furnished with modern seating and tables and decorated with enough plants to make you question whether the event was in an exotic location miles away. The setting was ideal, thanks to several ceiling fans and pleasant ambient music while guests enjoyed refreshing wines and hors d'oeuvres.

Guest of Iani Silveira and Iani Silveira

Photo Credit: Michelle KammermanThe laughs and memories were well underway once the restaurant staff welcomed guests into the main dining room. Name tags signaled that guests would enjoy a lovely Mediterranean cuisine experience. The waiting staff presented the dinner in a family style and began with an offering of appetizers to set the tone. Full Medames, Turkish Manti, and freshly roasted squid raised eyebrows as guests settled into the evening.

Roasted squid

Photo Credit: Michelle Kammerman

Haute leaders enjoyed branzino, strip loin, and farro for main entrees while the attentive staff streamed the NBA playoff game to ensure no one would miss a second of the action amid delectable bites. Dessert included a chocolate elixir topped with dukkah (Egyptian seasoning) and a Phyllo Napoleon.

Notable attendees included Dr. Jose Rodríguez-Feliz, Dr. Paul Durand of Careaga Plastic Surgery, Katie Werbowski of Skin Spa New York, Lana Mar of Face Fit Bar, Katie Ceravalo, Jannette Nieves of Refine Health, Elsa Rivero, Iani Silveira, and others.

Katie Werbowski and Guest

Photo Credit: Michelle Kammerman

Lana Mar of Face Fit Bar and Brooke Klaiman

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michelle Kammerman

Katie Ceravalo and Jannette Nieves

Photo Credit: Michelle Kammerman