Experts Come Clean On The Question They Wish You’d Ask Them Prior To A Treatment

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When going in for a treatment, we (the client) can tend to be a bit frazzled, especially if the treatment of choice is new to us. That being said, we tend to not ask all the necessary questions. What these questions might be, well that is where Haute Beauty jumps in and asks our Haute Beauty experts to come clean on the question they wished their clients asked them prior to treatment. Here's what they shared.

The Skin Room | Medical Spa | Naples

If there was one question I wish my clients would ask prior to getting treatment is "what lifestyle choices can I make today, to help my overall skin health in the future?" Skincare products and treatments are extremely important. However, the way our skin looks on the outside is a reflection of what's happening on the inside. Gut health, hormones, food sensitivities, vitamin deficiencies, etc., all play a huge role in how our skin looks and feels. It's a team effort to achieve the great results that my clients get. This means the client needs to do some work outside of the treatment room as well.

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Alchemy 43 | Medical Aesthetics | Dallas, Los Angeles, New York

Patients need to be educated that if Botox and fillers are done correctly, especially in the lower face, they can prevent the downward gravitational effects of aging and then they won't need a facelift. If they don't know exactly what Botox and filler can provide they won't try!

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ELIVATE MedSpa Wellness | Medical Spa | Stamford/Greenwich

First off, I think it's important for my clients to ask themselves what it is they hope to accomplish when visiting ELIVATE for any type of service or treatment. I want them to feel comfortable and informed with a goal in mind that we are working towards accomplishing together — whether that be radiant hydrated skin, reducing the look of fine lines or wrinkles, eliminating brown spots, and so much more. I also appreciate my patients who ask questions ahead of time, mainly about what they should avoid or do ahead of an appointment.

We always provide instructions for pre and post-care but understand that not everyone has the time to give them a quick read. The last thing we would want is for the service or treatment to be ineffective in any way if the client was accidentally not prepared. For instance, ahead of injections, we ask patients to avoid drinking alcohol or taking anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin. And following the procedure, we recommend not laying down for up to five hours. All of these tips and tricks are important to optimize results.

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Refine Health | Medical Aesthetics | Coral Gables, FL & Miami, FL

We wish clients asked: Can I still receive and make an appointment for Botox if I'm on antibiotics? The reason why is that there’s a group of antibiotics that are contraindicated with Botox, meaning it will not take full effect if the patient is on this type of antibiotic.

Aminoglycosides (the antibiotics in this group include amikacin, neomycin, kanamycin, streptomycin, lincomycin, tobramycin, gentamicin, and clindamycin). If you’re taking any one of these antibiotics then our recommendation is to finish the course of medications before coming in for your Botox appointment.

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Bellagena Med Spa | Day Spa | Bradenton, FL

I wish more clients asked what changes they could make at home to increase the efficacy of their treatment. Pre-treatment or prepping for treatment is so important and sometimes it can even be the difference between getting the treatment or not. It can help to manage expectations and create better clinical outcomes.

For example, all our laser treatments require our clients to be out of the sun for safety reasons but also to ensure proper treatment parameters. If our client comes in with a sunburn or dark tan, we would not be able to perform a laser treatment. We often require clients to be as close to their natural skin color as possible so that we may use the appropriate energy settings to create the most effective treatments possible, with the best clinical outcomes. Of course, staying out of the sun and using physical sunscreen is the best way to protect ourselves all the time, also a daily discussion here in Florida.

Another example would be discontinuing the use of certain skincare products such as tretinoin, prior to a chemical peel. Discontinuing the use of tretinoin is very important to ensure a safe chemical peel, micro-needling, and laser treatment.

Some preparation is more nuanced, maybe scheduling the more ablative treatments in the winter months or selecting a more long-term treatment plan that includes non-ablative treatments for a client who works outside or loves being outdoors. All of these should be discussed with clients as part of their treatment plan and what fits their lifestyle and how we can best treat them.

There are many examples of how lifestyle changes and prepping before a treatment can be so important before a treatment. We take into consideration nutrition, age, sun exposure, work-life & medical history, etc., when determining the best course of treatment for our clients. If there was a better understanding of how important all these factors play a role and some of the things clients could do prior to treatment, there is a greater potential for better clinical results, safer treatments, and more reasonable expectations.

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