How Influencer Marketing Can Make For A Successful Dermatology Practice

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Dermatology and influencer marketing, how are they related? Among other things, dermatology is a significant area of medicine, and having a social media presence, makes it easier for individuals to access dermatology. In addition, it offers patients convenience. Here Haute Beauty expert Dr. Anna Chacon talks about influencer marketing in dermatology and how having a social media presence has helped her practice survive and grow.

Why is having a social media presence important for dermatology?

Staying active on social media is crucial for a successful modern dermatology practice because patients want to investigate not only the multiple support rendered but also the dermatologists who manage and administer those services.

Have you seen first-hand the benefits of influencer marketing?

Yes. In fact, I am maximizing the use of technology in promoting my practice. There is a significant increase in awareness of the practice, as well as the treatment for the patient’s concerns.

What steps have you taken to better educate yourself in influencer marketing?

One thing about venturing into these kinds of things is that you have to set and determine your goal. From there, you could start knowing who you’re going to influence or what we call the target market. Also, make sure to always stay relevant, hence research is the most essential thing to do in educating yourself on influencer marketing.


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What is the number one thing you look for when choosing an influencer?

The influencer has to embody the type of subject that I would like people to get from me. Also, that influencer should have a good reputation, and a good reach, thus niche influencers should be the choice because they can have very dedicated and engaged followers.

What are the goals that you hope to reach through the use of influencer marketing?

The main goal is to help patients. Secondary to that is for my practice to be recognized and known by many.

What advice would you give others who are looking to use influencer marketing for their brand?

It is best to first fully understand your product or your service before you get an influencer or you venture into influencer marketing. Also, choose the right people to work with as this can affect the overall success of your business. Lastly, keep on pushing yourself to the limits, and remember your purpose for doing this.

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