Say Goodbye To Cysts: Get Personalized Cyst Removal Treatments

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Cysts can be annoying, unattractive, and sometimes even painful. The stubborn lumps and bumps are common concerns. So common, in fact, that one in four Americans over the age of 50 experience some type of cyst. Although not all cysts may be disruptive to one’s health, it’s important to get them looked at by a medical professional. Whether you are concerned about if the lump under your skin is malignant or just want to remove a stubborn nodule, Dr. Amy B. Lewis and her team of experts at Lewis Dermatology are happy to assist in the removal, biopsy, and diagnosis of your cysts.

Am I a Good Candidate for Cyst Removal?

If you’re considering removing an unwanted cyst, the first step begins with scheduling a one-on-one consultation. Dr. Amy B. Lewis will gladly sit down and listen to any concerns you may have. She will further take a look at the skin to evaluate and develop a treatment plan and go over pricing. This plan will be fully personalized to you and your aesthetic and skin goals while being efficient and effective.

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What Can I Expect During my Cyst Removal Procedure?

After consultation and determining whether it is appropriate to remove, the cyst removal procedure can be conducted. The treatment starts with a numbing agent to desensitize the treatment area, ensuring minimal pain and maximum comfort throughout the procedure. Once numb, the lump can either be punctured and drained or cut out with a small incision.

How Lengthy and Extensive is the Recovery Process?

Recovery is simple for cyst removal. The treatment is nonsurgical and minimally invasive, allowing for quick recovery and an immediate return to continue your daily routine. If a wound is apparent, gauze may be placed in it, or a bandage may be wrapped around it to ensure comfort and healing. Antibiotics or pain medicine may also be prescribed in some cases.

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