Haute Beauty Classifies Highway Integrative Health Center Urgent Care As Top-Notch


Photo Credit: Natali _ Mis/Shutterstock.comYou woke up on Monday morning feeling under the weather. Your headache is coming in full force, and you are experiencing hot and cold flashes. You are not doing great all around, but your doctor's office doesn't have any appointments available. So what do you resort to? The nearest urgent care.

This scenario is one that is quite common. In fact, we ourselves rely heavily on urgent care because, at the end of the day, you never know when you need urgent care. Whether looking to get a medication refill or needing a doctor to check out a fresh off-the-field sprain, most urgent care facilities can help aid you back to better health. We say most because not all urgent cares have the same capabilities, which is why it's important to know how your local center operates.

In the case of Highway Integrative Health Center (HIHC), Haute MD expert Dr. Yaritza Arriaga O-Neill shares how HIHC functions. Whether you make an appointment or walk in, the details below make this center, top-notch.

What classifies a patient as urgent?

Though it might seem self-explanatory, it can't hurt to cover the facts. Conditions that typically require attention within 24 hours are considered urgent. Urgent care can diagnose serious medical conditions that pose no immediate threat to life and health.

What are the common requests of patients specifically at HIHC?

Medication refills and dealing with sprains and strains are not the only conditions Highway Integrative Health Center can help you with. In fact, respiratory illnesses, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted disease screenings, and colds are just a few of the many common requests HIHC adheres to daily.

Photo Credit: sfam_photo/Shutterstock.com

Who uses urgent care most?

Urgent care is used more by patients between 31 and 40. At HIHC, any age can be evaluated for urgent conditions.

How does Highway Integrative Health Center prioritize patients?

At Highway Integrative Health Center, we receive patients by walk-in and by appointment. Regardless of who you are, HIHC strives to offer you a remarkable experience; taking your time into consideration, they do expedite the intake process. "Our goal is to welcome you, the patient, to partner with us and ask us as many questions. We are not here to rush your visit as our priority is you!" said Dr. Arriaga.

What makes HIHC unique?

The best outcomes of urgent care will come from experienced team members, and excellent capabilities to fully complete diagnostic tests in-house. List a condition, and there is a high chance that Highway Integrative Health Center can treat it because their services go beyond the basics. In fact, HIHC offers IV hydration, antibiotics, and medical spa services.

By understanding the many options available, HIHC can provide you with an outstanding experience during your visit. Starting in the delicate and peaceful lobby, and moving towards the rooms filled with state-of-the-art equipment, all the certified, experienced physicians are committed to your health restoration journey. "It is truly our privilege and honor to treat our patients as the unique person they are and work tirelessly to minimize complications," said Dr. Arriaga.

Staying abreast of newer products and techniques offers natural and deliberate rejuvenation techniques. At HIHC, they uniquely integrate many traditional therapies and functional medicines to achieve the highest results of restoring your health and rejuvenating your skin and appearance.

Highway Integrative Health Center is here to help guide you in all your urgent needs and is available to answer any questions you might have. Start feeling empowered today when you choose to take the express lane to recovery.