Idris and Sabrina Elba Have Entered The Chat: Here’s All The Deets On Their Skincare Line, S’Able Labs

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The latest celebrities to join the skincare world come in the form of a power couple – enter Idris and Sabrina Elba. The duo has stepped into the beauty space with their first line of skincare, a genderless, multi-use brand named S’Able Labs

S’Able was founded on the idea of not our typical self-care but rather the idea of “us-care.” They believe that when you look good, you do good and that stems from self-care, which is the foundation for relationships, romantic or platonic; the idea of building this notion of self-care into a partnership so you can thrive and grow in unison. Both Idris and Sabrina struggled to find products that worked for both of them. Sabrina tells Harper’s Bazaar, “Not finding a product or community that catered to me personally as a woman of color, and that catered to Idras as a male, and then combining it with a love for heritage and wanting to see ‘A beauty’ – African beauty – get its light as a continent with an abundance of super ingredients.” Their line consists of globally and responsibly sourced ingredients from all over the world, including Africa, to honor their heritage. 

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The line consists of three products, a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. A simple, but effective team, each featuring powerful ingredients, one of the most powerful being the baobab, a superfood packed with anti-inflammatories. Sabrina recallssitting underneath the massive baobab trees in East Africa.” The baobab is included in their moisturizer, a lightweight formula that instantly leaves skins feeling radiant and refreshed.  

The couple wanted a formula that really resonated with who they are to their core. Sabrina tells Allure, “Somali women have been using qasil (a powder made from the leaves from the gob tree). For centuries. I’ve watched my mom put this green stuff on her face forever. It’s a great natural soap full of antioxidants.” The qasil is used in S’Able’s cleanser, an exfoliator that’s both nourishing and effective. 

All three S’Able products are available now online at