Everything You Need To Know About Facial Rejuvenation Laser Treatments

Haute Beauty Editor Brooke Klaiman hosted a discussion with Dr. Mara Weinstein Velez, a representative of the Haute Beauty Network in Rochester, NY. The conversation highlighted facial rejuvenation laser treatments, the variety of lasers available and the reasons why the Fall & Wintertime are the best time for this treatment. 

Mara Weinstein Velez, M.D., FAAD is a board-certified dermatologist, and Director of Cosmetics and Laser Surgery at the University of Rochester Medical Center, in Upstate New York. She completed a prestigious Laser, Cosmetic and Dermatologic Surgery fellowship at SkinCare Physicians in Boston, with clinical faculty from the Harvard and Yale Departments of Dermatology, and is one of the only Fellowship-trained Cosmetic and Laser Surgeons in Western NY.

Here are some of the highlights from their conversation:

Haute Beauty: Why is the Fall/Winter season considered “laser season”?

Dr. Mara Weinstein: This is a really hot topic right now! The reason why is we see less direct sunlight and heat during these seasons, which can be detrimental to healing after a laser procedure. Additionally, it’s important to not have any tan prior to undergoing a laser treatment.  During the summer months, patients are more likely to be tanned or going on vacation, staying outdoors more and the recovery from lasers is more challenging. 

The second advantage to having lasers in the colder months is that patients are less likely to get tanned after these laser procedures. We are careful to plan the procedure after and not before any sunny vacations in the winter. If we are lasering brown spots, they can pop back up if patients go directly back into the sunlight.  Also, the sun can increase the chance of developing hyperpigmentation post-procedure.

Some lasers can require downtime. Patients prefer to take downtime in the winter as the summer months tend to be busier and can require more time outside. 

HB: Is sun exposure the main reason why one would consider facial rejuvenation laser treatment?

MW: There are so many different reasons as to why one would consider laser treatment. I will preface by saying that there are many different types of lasers, the laster that is right for you can depend on your age, the amount of sun damage you have, brown spots/textural issues, and acne scarring. In my practice, the top 3 reasons include: 

  1. Discoloration or brown spots from cumulative sun exposure over time versus hyperpigmentation, melasma, and/or spots leftover from acne. 
  2. Fine lines and wrinkling. Facial rejuvenation lasers can soften lines on your skin that have formed over time. In turn, giving your skin a boost of radiance and glow. 
  3. Scarring, acne scarring, traumatic scarring, post-surgical scarring 

HB: Is there anything specific you'd like our viewers to know about facial laser rejuvenation?

MW: Yes, some lasers we offer can help reduce sun damage on the skin. As dermatologists, we see a lot of patients who have actinic keratosis, these are little areas of sun damage (pre-cancerous) from cumulative sun exposure over the years. Lasers can help to improve these by delivering energy in the form of heat stimulating collagen remodeling and tissue regeneration at a deeper level.

In the office, we use liquid nitrogen and/cryotherapy to treat these pre-cancerous spots. The combination of liquid nitrogen and these lasers help improve sun damage and potentially prevent patients from requiring surgery in the future for full-blown skin cancers. It's important to note that lasering is not just about the wrinkles or superficial lines, they can also improve the overall health of your skin 

In our conversation, we gave the IG Live viewers an opportunity to ask questions regarding laser concerns. Here are a few questions asked: 

IG: If you never had a laser treatment before,  is there a specific laser you would use on a patient?

MW: That depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Let’s say you are in your early 30’s, never had laser treatment before and want to start an anti-aging routine. I recommend starting with a light, little to no downtime laser, such as the Clear + Brilliant. This will get you greater results than a facial or microdermabrasion and will stimulate collagen production, which will help get your skin back to how it used to be when you were younger. 

IG: If you have filler or botox in your face, is laser treatment still safe?

MW: Yes! We do a lot of lasers before injection treatment. I typically would do Clear
+ Brilliant and then an injectable right after (i.e., wrinkle relaxers like Botox). I would not use fillers after the laser treatment. Sometimes, lasers can cause swelling hence altering the way your face will look. In my practice, I do not want to fill your face when it is swollen. I much rather see your face in its natural state. 

Watch the entire conversation below:

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