Aligners: Invisible And Effective Teeth Straightening Method

Dr. Baruch Tetri is a Doctor of Dental Surgery who provides a uniquely patient-first approach to treatment and planning. His work today reflects nearly two decades of training, education, and successful practice. These combine in truly state-of-the-art treatment and doing more in less time. Haute MD Expert Dr. Tetri explains teeth straightening and types of aligners.

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Many people in the United States experience problems with crooked teeth and malocclusion. Digital dentistry allows you to solve these problems without discomfort by installing aligners. In fact, the adaption of aligners takes place within a few hours. The result is a flawless smile that will instill confidence in your everyday self.

What are aligners? What are the indications for their installation?

Aligners are transparent, removable, and almost invisible on the teeth orthodontic aligners, which are used instead of braces to straighten teeth and correct the bite.

Aligners are a complete alternative to braces. Orthodontic problems such as crowded teeth and even complex abnormal bite, which previously could only be corrected with braces, can now be corrected with aligners.

Aligner treatment is prescribed for a wide range of dental needs. Aligners have fewer contraindications than braces, and most importantly, they have a more gentle effect on the teeth.

What are the main advantages of aligners?

Aligners are removable mouth guards that:

  • Do not injure the oral mucosa and tooth enamel;
  • Do not have a metallic taste;
  • Practically invisible during communication;
  • When wearing aligners, there are no dietary restrictions;
  • Mouthguards are created strictly according to your casts;
  • Daily oral hygiene does not cause difficulties for the patient;
  • With aligners, frequent visits to the dentist are not required;
  • Shorter treatment times than with braces.

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What types of aligners are there?

Today there are many aligner manufacturers. The world leader in the market is Align Technology (Invisalign aligners), which for the first time combined 3D modeling and the ability to move teeth through constant but low pressure.

Invisalign is made from a unique patented transparent polymer material. It is soft enough to achieve maximum patient comfort and, at the same time, high efficiency.

At Tetri’s smile, we not only utilize the latest technologies and equipment but also use the best orthodontic aligners for today - Invisalign aligners.

What are the advantages of aligners over veneers?

Each patient has the right to choose the most suitable treatment option for himself together with the attending physician. However, orthodontic treatment does not exclude orthopedic treatment (veneers, inlays, crowns), since bite anomalies often lead to premature tooth wear and other problems that impair the appearance and chewing function of the teeth.

How soon can the patient expect results after the aligners are installed?

On average, it takes from 6 to 18 months. The first results of treatment will be noticeable six months after starting treatment. It all depends on the complexity of the case and the age of the patient. With a long course of treatment, when the lateral group of teeth first moves, visible changes become noticeable later. At each stage of the treatment, the doctor maintains a photo protocol, which at the end allows the patient to visually show the patient the entire dynamics of treatment in stages.

At Tetri’s smile, we provide patients with Piezocision-assisted Invisalign treatment. It helps patients straighten the teeth 4 times faster and is absolutely painless. After performing this treatment stitches are not applied.

Are there any contradictions in installing aligners?

Aligners were invented in 1998. This type of orthodontic system has passed all clinical trials. Contraindications are TMJ diseases and the presence of impacted teeth. Currently, aligners are successfully used even in pediatric orthodontic dentistry.

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