The Diet & Easy Exercise That Keep Rob Lowe Fresh at 57

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As an Atkins spokesperson, Rob Lowe thrives on a low carb, low sugar diet. The 57-year-old actor has sworn y this provision since his early thirties, but that doesn’t stop him carrying on his lifelong tradition whenever he’s at a Los Angeles Dodgers game: He makes himself a Coca-Cola float in the sixth inning because “you gotta treat yourself,” Lowe told GQ of his Real-Life Diet and other health habits. 

Despite his radical sweet tooth, Lowe has been able to stay in good shape throughout his prolonged acting career. In fact, his typical day of eating doesn’t always start with breakfast. “​​When I do, it's usually greek yogurt with berries, low carb granola. And a triple espresso. I do and can eat that every day for breakfast and am perfectly happy,” he said. “Then lunch is a giant salad, but it has to have some kind of really yummy protein in it.” That protein usually takes the form of fish, chicken or shrimp, and he’ll include a healthy fat, like avocado. 

Dinner always features “some sort of big meat with sides,” and about that sweet tooth? When his willpower appears strong, Lowe opts for an Atkins shake. “It's the thing that got me turned on to their products, because when I first tasted it, I was like oh, this has to be bullshit,” he said of the brand’s shakes. “I will have that in lieu of Ben and Jerry’s or Häagen-Dazs. That's my go to when I want to cheat.”

On top of eating right, Lowe credits his good health to lots of sleep. “It’s brain sleep, it's body sleep, it’s focus,” he said of his devotion to rest, which originated during his early days as a child actor when Lowe would get up for work at 5 a.m. and couldn’t wait to catch up on his sleep. 


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And like any health-conscious individual, Lowe maintains a fitness regimen, but he’s dialed back on his workouts and even adopted the practice of regularly walking from fellow actor Chris Pratt. “Walks are not just for old people. I've really gotten into walks,” Lowe said. “We all know that it can be good for our bodies, but, mentally, in terms of the meditation of it all, and the clarity of mind, and what you are able to think about and what comes up for you when you're walking, that was super surprising for me.” 

On his easy days, Lowe’s fitness agenda pulls him toward nature via a walk, a hike, a swim or a paddle in the ocean. Otherwise, he’s a fan of intervals and follows a circuit of core-focused weights that includes multi-movement, compound exercises with cardio bursts and rest. 

A fruitful career and well-standardized health priorities, Lowe definitely keeps it real.