Celebrities Embracing the Natural Look

Dr. Tahl Humes is a board-certified physician and an international expert in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Her expertise includes advanced injectables, aesthetic lasers, skin tightening technologies, non-invasive body contouring, wellness, and skincare. She is known for her expertise in combining lasers and injectables for total facial rejuvenation. Dr. Humes is the founder of VITAHL Medical Aesthetics, a leading cosmetic medicine practice that opened in Denver in 2005. VITAHL has since expanded to include multiple offices across the country and has become a preceptor site for physicians. Haute Beauty expert Dr. Tahl Humes talks about celebrities embracing the natural look. 

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Throughout the years, celebrities have relied on plastic surgery to heavily alter their appearance and eliminate any indications of aging. Today, signs point to celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Pink, and Julia Roberts are embracing a more natural look and leaving the plastic where it belongs, on Barbie Dolls.

VITAHL Medical Aesthetics in Chicago and Denver often treat celebrity clients who are open about their desire for a softer appearance, but what does that mean?


“We at VITAHL believe that a strict skincare program is crucial to the skin health, texture, and tone,” said Dr. Tahl Humes, founder and medical director of VITAHL Medical Aesthetics. “Lasers, injectables, fillers, and peels play a role in this regimen, but not to the point of freezing movement.”

High-definition technology is the viewers’ friend but on camera celebrities’ foe.  Thick makeup is caked on to hide skin imperfections and combat harsh lighting.  Acne is often the result of this but can be targeted with regular Laser Genesis treatments, a non-invasive laser therapy that restores one's skin and treats fine lines, redness, large pores, and active acne.


“So often celebrities don’t have the desire or luxury of taking time off from work to undergo and recover from plastic surgery,” said Humes. “Plastic surgery carries risks and requires sedation. There are so many relatively painless aesthetic treatments with little to no downtime that can make a big impact.”

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Other skincare treatments that make a subtle, yet noticeable difference include Secret RF, PICO Genesis, chemical peels, and IPL. Secret RF treats superficial wrinkles in a series of treatments. PICO Genesis, which treats dark spots and melasma, is a series of three to six treatments. The sun and heat exacerbate melasma so be cautious about spending time outside. Chemical peels minimize the look of dark spots and melasma and treat wrinkles. IPL, intense pulsed light, minimizes sun spots and age spots.

If minimally invasive fillers and neurotoxins are desired, quick and easy sessions can smooth lines and “refill the tank.”  The forehead and eye areas can benefit from Botox. Cheek and chin filler can provide the illusion of a more defined bone structure. And a little dermal filler to the lips adds back fullness.

“Optimal doses of Botox and fillers can maintain natural expressions and movement while restoring the plumpness that has been depleted over the years,” said Humes.

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