Haute Beauty Experts Share Their Favorite Procedure/Treatment

Haute Beauty Experts share their favorite procedure/treatment. Here's what they had to say:

Dr. Rick Kline & Dr. Bret Davis | Smile | Houston

At Smile Texas our reputation for creating exquisite smiles is now drawing guests from around the World. Most come for our amazing Two Visit Smile Makeover which uses stunning all-porcelain restorations to create Instagram-worthy smiles. This approach allows us to correct things that orthodontics can't such as permanent staining, teeth that are too small, or a gummy smile. The results are not only beautiful but also extremely durable.

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Dr. Ashandra Batiste | Smile | Houston

I love doing dental implants! Dental implants are an amazing solution to replacing missing teeth. The procedure for so many patients is so rewarding and much simpler than they could have even imagined! Dental implants are a wonderful solution for long-lasting teeth restoration!

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Dr. Michelle Luis | Smile | North Miami

My favorite procedures typically involve relieving a patient from being in pain or improving their confidence to smile. Mouth pain and limited confidence with smiling impact our day-to-day life. I always say, “Your mouth is on your face and head.” This may sound obvious, but a toothache can distract you and disrupt your ability to function. Also, chipped, broken, stained, or misaligned front teeth often affect our confidence to laugh and smile big. Giving someone the confidence to smile without any reservations is more rewarding than I could put into words.

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Dr. Diana Hagan | Smile | New Jersey

Clear braces have come a long way in the last few years and integrating orthodontics into my practice is such a joy! Patients that had never been candidates for clear aligners previously can now enjoy the benefits of invisible removable braces! The convenience combined with beautiful results has proved to be one of the most fulfilling aspects of dentistry for me. My patients love their new completely transformed smiles.

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Dr. Mariano Busso | Skin | Los Angeles

My favorite procedure is tissue repositioning using PDO threads. Not only are we obtaining great results but also we are just beginning to explore the potential of this technology. I have been doing threads since 2003. The concept was revolutionary; however, the materials and technology were not developed enough and could not deliver the expected results. But on the latest generation of threads, we found the right material (PDO), the right thread design (harpoons), the right cannula (diminishes tissue trauma when placing threads), and the right technique (BussoLyft)

Patients are looking for more natural answers and threads provide a more natural alternative to fillers and Botox. We can reposition the patient's own fat to areas cosmetically more appealing by using tissue-engagement threads that eventually will turn into the patient's own collagen. We can also provide volume replenishment with volumetric/regenerative threads. Based on the previous observations, it is expected that threads will become part of our basic cosmetic armamentarium.

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Dr. Karyn Grossman | Skin | Los Angeles

I would say my favorite procedure would be my Kustom Karyng Face/Neck Lifts & Kustom Karyng Mommy Makeovers. This is my take on traditional face/neck lifts and mommy makeovers without major surgery, a long recovery period, and scarring. I use a combination of modalities and different technologies to provide dramatic results tailored for each person’s individual needs. Everyone ages differently, some see more dramatic changes in skin texture, while others see more laxity or sun damage. Cosmetic surgery is not one size fits all and I love being able to marry my artistic vision with my knowledge and expertise in anti-aging and rejuvenating procedures. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing my patients tell me that I have made them feel much more confident and took years off their face and/or body.

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Enlighten MD | Medspa | Dallas

One of our absolute favorite treatments is injectable fillers. Injectables have come a long way since your Mom starting getting these treatments. Fillers are now available in a wide range of volumes to treat every part of the face. Under-eye filler can help you look rested. Cheeks can be lifted. Jawlines smoothed, necklines softened, and can even plump your earlobes!

Our injectors are artists and experts at maintaining a natural look and balance to the face. The goal is an improvement, not to look like someone else. Fillers are just one of the tools in our toolbox, but it's among the most important.

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Dr. Tahl N. Humes | Medical Aesthetics | Denver

While VITAHL Medical Aesthetics treats many skin issues, I pride myself on our work with acne patients. Acne is the number one skin condition in the United States and plagues people of all ages. Finding the treatment that works for each patient makes all of the difference. Giving someone back their self-confidence is priceless.

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Cheri Morales, APRN | Aesthetic Injector | Tampa

My favorite treatment is Sculptra Aesthetic for the face. Why? Sculptra is unlike other dermal fillers like hyaluronic acids i.e., Juvederm & Restylane products. Rather, when Sculptra is injected, your body responds and begins producing its own collagen. This is the perfect treatment for someone who wants a natural, longer-lasting result. The effects can last 2- 5 years. Since new collagen is made, it does not only affect the volume of the face, but also the texture, lines, and acne scars. Additionally, the effects of Sculptra are so subtle, most clients do not believe they are seeing an improvement until they see their before and after pictures at their six-week follow-up.

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