Throwback Thursday Skin And Hair Errors With Dr. Humes

Dr. Tahl Humes is a board-certified physician and an international expert in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Her expertise includes advanced injectables, aesthetic lasers, skin tightening technologies, non-invasive body contouring, wellness, and skincare. She is known for her expertise in combining lasers and injectables for total facial rejuvenation. Dr. Humes is the founder of VITAHL Medical Aesthetics, a leading cosmetic medicine practice that opened in Denver in 2005. VITAHL has since expanded to include multiple offices across the country and has become a preceptor site for physicians.

Haute Beauty expert Dr. Tahl Humes goes through throwback skin and hair errors suggesting how VITAHL can help fix these old-school beauty trends.

hair errorsPhoto Credit: Shutterstock"I don't have eyebrows."

What solutions does VITAHL offer to fix overplucked eyebrows?
Latisse is the only FDA-approved lash serum on the market.

"I don't want this tattoo anymore."

How does a laser tattoo removal work?
The laser shatters the tattoo ink pigment.

How many sessions does it take?
With the newer PICO laser technology, tattoos can be removed in fewer sessions than before. It takes about five to seven sessions to see results.

What is the pain like?
While the procedure is not without some discomfort, it’s very quick. We recommend numbing cream prior to treatment.

skin errorsPhoto Credit: Shutterstock"I picked this pimple and now I have a scar."

What treatments does VITAHL offer to get rid of acne scars?
Acne scarring can be so frustrating, but Fractional CO2 laser, RF Microneedling, and PICO Genesis are all good treatments to reduce or eliminate.

All of these are good options. Something like CO2 will have more downtime but require fewer treatments than a treatment with less downtime.